Jiu Jitsu Moves: Lapel Trap Armbar (Kyle Sleeman)

The BJJ gi can be used as an effective weapon for chokes but unique jiu jitsu moves showcases how it can also be used as a way to trap a limb. Kyle Sleeman, a BJJ black belt demonstrates an interesting BJJ technique that you have to try.

By the end of this quick lesson, you will understand the lapel trap armbar and begin seeing how to utilize the jiu jitsu gi to your advantage while training, competing or in a self defense scenario. 


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BJJ Moves: (Lapel Trap Armbar)

  1. Starting From Side Control
  2. Drive The Lapel Over The Shoulder
  3. Grip The Lapel with Opposite Arm and Trap The Opponent's Arm
  4. Peel The Leg Out
  5. Strong Posture (Big Chest)
  6. Swing Leg Up & Over
  7. Secure Armbar Position 

Using The BJJ Gi As A Trap… 

Have you ever used the BJJ gi to trap an opponent's limbs? For no-gi grapplers or BJJ beginners, this concept can be new. Same can be said for chokes using the opponents' collars.

However, as you begin to roll in the gi, especially with higher belts, you will begin noticing how they are using your BJJ gi against you. You could give up training in a gi or you can join them and develop a vast arsenal of attacks using the gi of your own essentially expanding your available tools for your bjj strategy.

Learning Advanced Jiu Jitsu Moves

There are a large number of jiu jitsu moves and with the gi jiu jitsu techniques added, you will understand why this martial art is one of the hardest to earn a black belt in. A new practitioner can easily be overwhelmed by all the possibilities and variations.

If you feel like this is the case for you, try to enhance the basics and refine the fundamentals before expanding into more advanced jiu jitsu moves.

Are These BJJ Moves For Everyone?

If you understand how to use grips for BJJ and take advantage of the jiu jitsu gi, it can be a very effective BJJ technique.

Of course, without the gi it cannot be performed but if you are a jiu jitsu practitioner that enjoys a good roll in the gi, feel free to give it a try. You might just surprise some of your training partners and secure a win in a tournament.

Grips for Grappling Sports

Learn More Jiu Jitsu Moves From BJJ Black Belt Kyle Sleeman!

Kyle ‘The Bull’ Sleeman is a BJJ black belt under Professor Justin Bruckmann. He is an instructor for Kalsamrit Gym and the BJJ Globetrotters. Follow him on social media @slee_jitsu and make sure to take any opportunity to learn from him if you get the chance.

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