BJJ Moves: Russian Tie + Pendulum Sweep +Triangle Choke + Armbar

Have you ever watched a martial arts movie and noticed some legit jiu jitsu moves being performed? Here is a fun sequence being demonstrated for stunt work. Learn how you can include BJJ moves into your own training or films. These BJJ techniques should be practiced with care and control, but if mastered, it can be an impressive display of martial arts grappling. This Submission Shark BJJ blog breaks down jiu jitsu techniques step by step. 

BJJ Moves: Russian Tie + Pendulum Sweep + Triangle Choke + Armbar 


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Jiu Jitsu Moves (Step By Step)

  1. Russian Tie
  2. Pendulum Sweep
  3. Triangle Choke
  4. Transition Into Armbar

Searching For Basic Jiu Jitsu Moves?

This sequence may be a little advanced for some new jiu jitsu practitioners. It involves a lot of body awareness and a strong sense of the techniques. If you’re looking for basic BJJ moves, have a look at the BJJ for beginners section for more interesting jiu jitsu moves that anyone can get started with.

A great way to improve your rate of learning jiu jitsu is to stay consistent with your training and practice with efficiency. Having a great community to support you and utilizing visualization techniques while recovering can be an extra way to get more repetitions into your mind to develop the memory needed for these techniques to work in stressful situations.


Having a great bjj strategy to supplement your training regime and mindset can be a great way to optimize your time both on and off the mats. 

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BJJ Moves In Movies & Pop Culture (Spoilers!)

In the Marvel film ‘Black Panther’, T’Challa catches his opponent (M’Baku) in the rear triangle submission after a fierce battle, allowing him the rights to the throne of Wakanda. Did you watch the film and did you notice any jiu jitsu moves?

‘Attack On Titan’ a popular anime series also features some awesome jiu jitsu moves that are both entertaining and educational to watch. It’s an interesting show that explores humanity’s battles with giant titans with some of the most gruesome and entertaining fight scenes.

What other movies or shows have you discovered to use jiu jitsu moves? Leave your recommendations in the comments of this article.

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