The Submission Shark Mission

Submission Shark is a small team of passionate martial artists with over a decade of combined experience on the mats. With your support, meaningful careers are provided for visual artists, content creators, writers, video producers, marketers, project managers, strategists, athletes and manufacturing operators within the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts community.

Your support allows enthusiastic martial artists to internationally collaborate together, bringing you knowledgeable expertise, creative ideas and the best BJJ gis, martial arts apparel, and MMA lifestyle products for you to invest in.

Trusted by the best logistics experts, Submission Shark safely delivers your brand new eco-friendly and premium fair-trade products directly to you allowing for the most cost-effective method for upgrading your martial arts wear.

Submission Shark stays grounded with traditional roots yet still innovative with new ideas to provide a clean line of affordable luxury MMA gear and BJJ lifestyle products to our community.

We understand first hand the tsunami of positive impact martial arts provides for you and others all around the world. Thanks to your support, Submission Shark is able to promote martial arts in it's best ways.

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