The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi

Limited Edition (Coming Soon)

The Ice Breakerā„¢ ~ BJJ Gi
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Imagine hearing your training partners complimenting you on your new BJJ Gi. Break The Ice with your Limited Edition Submission Shark Jiu-Jitsu Gi. Crafted with the SX-Factor, you are sure to feel comfortable and attract positive attention from new training partners and your favorite ones as well.

You deserve a fresh smelling, soft feeling, clean looking gi and so do the members at your gym. Feel cool and confident to be a part of your BJJ community knowing that your order has removed 1kg of plastic from the oceans.

More and more of you have already pre-ordered. Thereā€™s only a few spots left and many sizes have already been reserved.

You donā€™t want to lose out on this rare opportunity to save 50% on your authentic Submission Shark BJJ Gi.Ā 

As a special bonus, you will also receive a secret gift for free to go along with your order valued at $45 because we like you for taking the initiative to support regenerative brands.

Your Ice Breaker BJJ Gi will arrive in mint condition but if for any reason you arenā€™tĀ completelyĀ happy, you are protected with the Submission Shark warranty. You will even be able to keep the free gift as a thank you for giving us a try.Ā 

Order now before you lose your desired size reservation and join the many others that are more than excited to receive their new BJJ Gi.

Size Charts can be found by scrolling through the BJJ Gi pictures or by selecting the followingĀ links.

Youth & Kids BJJ Gi Size Charts

Men's Jiu-Jitsu Gi Size Charts

Women's BJJ Gi Size Charts

Please contact the support service down below if you need help with sizing or if you have any other questions.

We are happy to help you.


You have nothing to lose with the Submission Shark Warranty. YourĀ new purchaseĀ is assuredĀ to be free from any design & function defects or it will be repaired or replaced within 30 days from the date of purchase.

You will absolutely loveĀ these items, but if for any reason you are not satisfied,Ā you are promised a fairĀ return and money-back guaranteeĀ through the warranty process. SimplyĀ contact supportĀ or learn more through theĀ returns & refund policies.

Only A Few Preorder Spots Left...

Submission Shark BJJ Gear Review

Awesome service.

I didn't put in my complete address when ordering. The package ended up somewhere in Latvia (I live in the Netherlands). The Submission Shark crew picked this up in a very cool way. They sent it again without extra cost.

Rolf B.

I got my Gi in yesterday. I even got to break it in!

My teammates loved the design. They made sure to help me break it in, Haha. Thank you so much. I love my new gi.

Sara. M

She absolutely loved it.

And the fabric was so soft.


Jiu Jitsu Fashion.

Just call me Mimi Danaher. I've been wearing my rashguards all week. Just had to show them some love!

Mimi. O

Thank you so much! Can't wait to get my stuff! This is my second order....i love your products. Do you make custom orders?

our school has a uniform but i really don't like the material they use. I would love if you can make our rash guards And spats


Amazing design and fit!!!

I love these spats! Just wore mine to train in for the first time and now I'm going to be wearing them to compete in a couple months!!

Scott. L

Los Angeles, CA