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    Are you a woman who loves Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

    We know that women are often feel left out of the BJJ community when there aren't many nogi brands that tailer make their jiu-jitsu gear for ladies and we want to change that. Your new gear is designed specifically for women so it’s not only comfortable but also stylish. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else!

    Whether you train in gi or nogi, Submission Shark spats will keep your legs warm and dry while you work on your submissions, guards retention, sweeps, or even when you are relaxing on your yoga recovery days.

    Women's BJJ spats are hard to find. 

    Most of the time when you go to a martial arts or grappling tournament, you'll see the same gear over and over again. It can be frustrating looking for something new that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

    Submission Shark has got you covered because we offer beautiful and unique women's nogi gear that is perfect for training and competitions. Whether you're looking for a new pair of compression pants / training tights or a competition rash guard, we've got you covered.

    More & More Women Training BJJ are wearing Submission Shark!

    A lot of other ladies like you are already enjoying their Submission Shark nogi BJJ gear, and we want to give you the opportunity for this experience too. We also hope that you'll love your new gear so much, that you'll tell all of your friends and training partners about us!

    If you're looking for a way to improve both your self-confidence and your style during long BJJ sessions, Submission Shark's women's jiu-jitsu gear is the perfect solution for you. Try a pair of women's gi pants or a rash guard today!

    In the past, finding cool women's MMA gear was difficult because most companies simply didn't offer much to choose from. We're changing this by offering new and different products every month. Plus, the quality is unmatched and they are eco-friendly. 

    Submission Shark Spats For BJJ Reviews

    We're constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and we also listen to what women like you want in their gear. If you have an idea, please don't hesitate to email us at . We'd love to hear from you!

    So why wait? Many athletes are feeling the benefits of these spats and they are selling out fast. They may not be available when you return later. We want you to be a part of the next group of women who love their Submission Shark Women's BJJ Spats.

    Are you ready for an incredible experience? Then go ahead and buy your Submission Shark Women's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Spats right now!

    Superior Benefits:

    • Protection and performance ~ Your nogi gear is designed to protect you while training and performing at your best. 
    • Quality construction ~ Your BJJ gear is made of the highest quality materials and construction for a lasting product. 
    • Style and comfort ~ You should be able to train in style and feel comfortable while doing it! 
    • Compassionate design ~ We are passionate about designing gear specifically for women so that everyone can benefit from top-quality nogi wear.

    Submission Shark Nogi Gear will make you look and feel your best while training.

    You don't like wearing ugly clothes and looking boring. You want to feel empowered about your body and don't feel comfortable training in unflattering clothes. Submission Shark's designs are eye-catchingly stunning!

    Submission Shark Nogi BJJ spats

    Soft to the touch, expect to feel bliss when you experience these spats pants.

    You've never felt more beautiful than when you're wearing Submission Shark's Women's BJJ Training Spats. They're designed to make you look and feel amazing, while also providing the support you need for a tough training session.

    Train hard and look good doing it.

    With Submission Shark's Women's BJJ Training Spats, you'll have everything you need to feel confident and beautiful while training Brazilian jiu-jitsu or MMA.

    Women's BJJ Nogi gear

    Protection against scrapes, bacteria, staph, rashes, friction and ringworm.

    Made with high-quality materials and a flattering design, these spats will help you reach your full potential in the gym.

    You can train in comfort and style with Submission Shark's Women's BJJ Training Spats. They are tight fighting jiu jitsu spats but still allows for proper blood flow. Most spats for BJJ can make people uncomfortable by cutting of blood circulation causing unnecessary muscle soreness.

    Grapplers compositing and training jiu jitsu in Submission Shark compression pants have loved the durability that makes them feel good and is generally recommended to others participating in combat sports. This is because the base layers are moisture wicking, pulling sweat away from body and legs while acting like a second skin of protection against bacteria, rashes and ringworm.

    Rolling With Colors!

    The attractive colors also help you to express your personality through your stylish fashion. Imagine the nice compliments you'll hear wearing spats like these!

    They come in a variety of colors and styles so there’s something for everyone! Plus, they make great gifts for any female grappler in your life – even if she doesn’t train nogi, she can still wear spats!

    Available in simple colors like black and grey or bold and outgoing. Order what you like now and come back next month for a new look.

    Hot-Selling (Order Now Before They Are Gone)

    You don't want to miss out on these amazing deals. Buy Submission Shark's Women's BJJ Training Spats right now before they sell out again!

    Shop Women's Spats for BJJ

    Submission Shark's extra comfort BJJ spats supports martial artists and BJJ athletes by simply being the best BJJ spats on the market.

    Essential Reviews From Other Females

    Your new spats are made from a high-quality material that is breathable, durable, and comfortable for training or competition. They're also stylish enough to wear out on the town!

    ~ Look amazing while you train.

    ~ Get fit and skilled in style.

    ~ Feel comfortable and secure in no-gi gear.

    "The best BJJ spats we have. We wear them all the time! Thanks @submission.shark" ~ @3girlsbjj 

    ~ Hear plenty of kind compliments.

    "I have gotten tons of compliments. I recently purchased some pants/capris and I love them" ~ Melissa 

    ~ Experience a fresh new level of confidence.

    Submission Shark BJJ Gear Reviews

    ~ Unleash your inner warrior goddess.

    Become the best spat wearing, no gi jiu jitsu goddess you know you can be with compression tights that supports your lifestyle.

    ~ Attract confidence and empowerment.

    Wearing spats with flexible features and stretchy material will hug your waist with sleek designs while sporting a world class brand.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    If you don't love your spats, we will take them back and give you a full refund. You've got nothing to lose! Why wait any longer? The Submission Shark Women's BJJ Spats are selling fast. Own yours before we sell out again!

    Special Performance:

    Women who love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can now get their own gear that is designed specifically for them. These spats are made with high-quality materials and can handle any training or competition.

    • Four way stretch fabric
    • Protects against mat burn
    • Allows for proper blood flow
    • Flatlock stitching
    • Hand sewn by professionals
    • uv protection for rest days or training sessions in the sun!
    • Full range of motion
    • Moisture wicking
    • lightweight spandex and polyester

    Submission Shark's BJJ spats are designed to make you look and feel beautiful as well as provide the support needed for a tough workout. Submission Shark offers BJJ gear for women, that others couldn't help but share their positive experiences with others.

    Ruby in Submission Shark Nogi BJJ spats

    Choose A Eco-Friendly Company

    Submission Shark uses sublimation inks that are biodegradable and CPSIA compliant to create your new BJJ spats.

    In addition to using fair-trade and eco-friendly inks, your order results in 1kg of plastic being removed from the oceans at no extra costs to you. This is a way of saying thank you for giving us a try. You deserve to wear spats like these and mother earth appreciates your support.

    Eco-Friendly BJJ Brands

    Chose products from a company that provide a unique and beautiful style while helping environmental recovery. Become a participant in advertising positive change.

    Whether you are grappling or practicing MMA, buying compression pants that easily helps remove plastic from the oceans is something you can be proud of while you enter your gym and step onto the mats.

    Get started in a simple way to protect and regenerate areas that require your help. 

    Not your size? Browse youth jiu-jitsu leggings and kid's BJJ spats for more sizing options or shop for men's compression tights.

    Your new high-waist grappling spats are perfect for judo practitioners, jiu-jitsu athletes and MMA fighters.

    Submission Shark's professional innovations allow for better mobility and is, durable. The lightweight design also makes it perfect to be worn under BJJ gis. Pair with a women's rash guard top or a sports bra to complete your women's BJJ gear outfit. Shop 3/4 Capri leggingsfull-length BJJ leggings for different styles to match your preference.

    Shopping for a deal? Grapplers searching for BJJ spats can sometimes find discounts when signing up for an account and subscribing to the brand website newsletter. You may not want to spend money but you deserve it and need spats for training and the benefits are worth it.

    Wear spats that provide a full range of motion and that are durable, flattering, and comfortable for both training or competition. Now you can train in comfort and style with Submission Shark's female jiu jitsu spats.

    The best part is your new spats are made from a high-quality material that is breathable, durable and comfortable for training or competition. Wearing spats and compression tights with an elastic waistband and a 4 way stretch like Submission Shark's jiu jitsu spats allows for the perfect fit.

    Size Chart


    You'll look and feel amazing while training Brazilian jiu-jitsu or MMA in these great women's spats. Own yours today!

    What other customers say:

    The XL on the ones I have now fit me perfectly. They really do fit and look nice on my body. I'm so excited to buy more from you guys.

    Also I plan to do competitions and I plan on supporting this brand and wearing during because I love that you guys are trying to be more environmentally friendly.

    You guys are the only company I've seen that is trying to be more eco friendly with their compression apparel. Much love!!" ~ Breauna

    They can be worn under gi pants with comfort and will help maintain optimal body temperature, even when you are grappling and in an intense roll. You can pair the best BJJ spats / compression tights with a ladies jiu jitsu gi if you are looking to roll with added protection in a different martial arts sport.

    You can also sport your compression tights with other pieces for nogi such as a rash guard for a complete bundle.

    Submission Shark BJJ spats are comfortable on the legs allowing for a full range of movement, while being easy to move in. You can sport them under gi pants or just as a stunning pair of BJJ spats.

    Danielle Kelly BJJ in Submission Shark nogi spats

    Danielle Kelly (Professional BJJ Blackbelt in Submission Shark BJJ Spats)

    The seams on the MMA spats have a 4 way stretch so you don't get chafing on your legs when training MMA. They deliver unparalleled performance that will take your breathe away. Perform your best with the Submission Shark MMA brand.

    Don't restrict yourself and buy an affordable company that has strong values that match yours because it helps solve issues you hold in your mind. There are plenty of different color MMA spats that you can shop for throughout the season.

    Experience what you've been missing and place an order now!

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