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Overtraining can be a common occurrence for MMA fighters, BJJ practitioners, or any other martial arts athlete. The problem is that many overtrained athletes don’t know how to prevent this syndrome or recover if they find themselves in this harmful state of exhaustion. For over a decade, I struggled with being overtrained on a regular basis and it hindered my performance both on and off the mats. In this article, I am going to show you how to prevent and recover from overtraining.
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Having high levels of adrenaline after Jiu-Jitsu/BJJ class or any other combat sport can have serious health concerns if left unchecked prior to sleep. A common problem is that many martial artists and athletes don't know how to properly prepare the body for its natural recovery abilities after an intense workout.

This was one of my main issues as I finished training at around 9:45 pm. I struggled to receive the quality sleep and rest needed for optimal recovery and performance. In this article, I am going to reveal some research-backed methods that I have found to be highly effective and relaxing both your mind and body while lowering adrenaline.

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