How To Recover From BJJ Training: Tips and Strategies

    Training BJJ can be tough on the body. It's a combat sport that demands physical resilience, and it often leads to pain in muscles, joints, and other areas of the body. Recovering from training is just as important as doing your training! In this blog post you will learn how to recover from BJJ training with tips and strategies for improving recovery after an intense session.

    - Recovering from BJJ training can be difficult, but it's important to do everything you can to speed up the process.

    Overtraining as a martial artist

    Many ambitious athletes are training hard, often to their max effort in a pursuit to achieve their goals. It's inspiring to see training partners reaching their full potential, but there is a dark side to this pursuit. Many athletes, in any sport, are guilty of overtraining. Overtraining syndrome (OTS) is real and it can be a killer to any athlete. 

    Overtraining is an accumulation of stress and fatigue, often accumulated from the pursuit of your athletic goals. The syndrome can have a number of negative effects on the body, mind and emotions. Symptoms vary depending on the person, but some common ones are a lack of energy, extreme fatigue, irritability and insomnia.

    After a tough training session you will need a post workout recovery plan. Muscle soreness can be a symptom of overtraining. Only a small percentage of athletes will listen to their bodies ability to give off warning signs and take time off to prevent injury and come back better for the next workout.

    - There are many things you can focus on to help your body recover after a tough session. Below are some tips and strategies for improving recovery after BJJ training:

    The Importance of Sleep for Jiu Jitsu Training

    When you train hard, your muscles will usually be sore the next day.

    - Recovering from training requires adequate sleep

    - A minimum of eight hours every single night. If BJJ is important to you and if you take it seriously on some level, then nothing should stand in the way of consistently getting an amount of rest that gives your body the time to rebuild and recover.

    - Sleeping is one of the most important things you can do for your body, and it will help improve recovery after BJJ training. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, and make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet, and cool.

    - If you decide to take a supplement to improve recovery, be sure to do your research and talk to a doctor before starting any new supplement regimen.

    Ideally, it's best to sleep in a cool environment with a night routine to prepare the body for rest. Using blue-blocking glasses to help maintain a healthy circadian rhythm could help improve your sleep quality and your recovery abilities.

    Staying Hydrated When You Train Jiu JItsu

    Drink plenty of water - Dehydration is a common issue among athletes, and it can lead to muscle cramps and other problems. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your training session, especially if you tend to sweat a lot.

    Why is hydration important for jiu jitsu recovery?

    One of the most important things you can do for your recovery is to stay hydrated. Water acts as a transport medium for nutrients and other substances that are used by your muscles, so staying properly hydrated can help you recover faster from BJJ training sessions. 

    Nutrition for BJJ Recovery

    Eating a healthy balanced diet is essential for overall health and optimal performance. Eat nutritious foods that will help you recover from BJJ training faster.

    Use supplements for better post workout nutrition. Many athletes enjoy the benefits that come with using nutritional supplements like protein shakes. These supplements are designed to maximize nutrition and boost recovery after BJJ training sessions.

    Some common supplements for martial arts recovery includes:

    - Protein shakes

    - Carbohydrate drinks

    - Electrolyte replacement drinks

    It's best to avoid processed and artificial supplements that's usually filled with preservative and sugar. Some alternatives that may help benefit your martial arts lifestyle better might include:

    Drink Green Tea - Green tea contains antioxidants called catechins that promote healing and reduce muscle fatigue.

    Drink Coconut Water - Coconut water is a great source of electrolytes, which your body uses to maintain fluid balance and transmit nerve impulses . After BJJ training , it's important that you replace lost fluids through proper hydration. Drinking coconut water will help speed up recovery times after tough sessions!

    Honey for Recovering From Jiu Jitsu Training: Honey is an amazing natural remedy used by many people around the world because of its wide range of health benefits. It contains powerful antioxidants known as flavonoids that can reduce inflammation levels in our bodies, thus improving recovery time after BJJ training. In fact, honey has been shown to improve muscle regeneration following exercise more than synthetic sports drinks!

    - Use honey to reduce inflammation levels following BJJ training. Honey is also known to improve muscle regeneration following exercise.

    Consuming homemade bone broth after BJJ and on my rest days is one of my favorite things to do to maximize my body's ability to utilize the high-quality amino acids and proteins derived from bone broth in a easy to digest manner.

    Along with proper recovery utilizing the other methods mentioned in this article, bone broth can be a helpful way to support muscle growth and improve strength while consuming proteins.

    - Bone broth is a great source of proteins, amino acids, and other nutrients that can help improve your body's ability to recover after BJJ training.

    - Consuming bone broth after strength training can help you absorb the nutrients from the broth more easily.

    - You can also drink bone broth on your days off from BJJ training to help improve your body's ability to recover.

    - Try making your own bone broth at home for the best results!

    Turmeric for recovery from a tough training session

    Turmeric is another supplement you can add to your daily nutrition plan if you want to improve recovery times and fight inflammation.

    Mobility Work and Flexibility

    Recover with a post-exercise massage - Massaging sore spots can help your body recover after BJJ training. You should also do some light stretching to loosen up stiff muscles.

    Massage after BJJ training for recovery

    Adding yoga to your routine is another good way of improving recovery after BJJ training. Yoga is an effective form of exercise that will improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

    Using a foam roller or a lacrosse ball when you are sore from BJJ training is a great way to speed up the healing process. Foam rolling helps break down knots and tension in the muscles, which can lead to better mobility and reduced soreness.

    This is due to tension that builds in the fascia tissue surrounding the muscles. By using a foam roller, you can roll out stiffness in your muscles and reduce tension buildup for better flexibility.

     The Fascia Tissue

    Temperature Control

    Using an ice pack to relieve pain after BJJ training is another great way of improving recovery after BJJ training sessions. Ice helps numb sore areas, which means less discomfort when performing physical activities like jogging or walking.

    It's important to use ice packs correctly, and you should never put them on bare skin. Wrap the pack in a towel before applying it to your body. This will help protect your skin from frostbite or other injuries.

    Ice Baths

    Icebaths after BJJ

    A step further for more cold therapy would be to utilize ice baths. The benefits of ice baths for athletic recovery are vast and awesome. The main benefit of ice baths is the detoxification it brings on after training periods, improving recovery time since your exhausted lactic acid levels are lowered significantly by this process.

    Take cold showers - Cold showers can also help improve jiu jitsu recovery times.

    It is recommended to wait up to 12 hours after strength training before enjoying the benefits of cold water.

    Recovering from BJJ training can be difficult, but it's important to do everything you can to speed up the process. If the cold isn't your thing and you prefer to turn up the heat, try this next tip.

    Saunas for jiu jitsu recovery can be effective

    - Spend time in a sauna - Saunas are great for relaxing the body and speeding up recovery. Spending time in a sauna after BJJ training can help your body flush out toxins and improve circulation through sweat. Stay hydrated with warm water while you are in the sauna and be aware of your heat tolerance. Learn more about sauna use for jiu jitsu in this guide.

     saunas for recovery after bjj

    Static stretching in a the sauna can be a great way to ensure you're warm for your routine without having to tax your nervous system with another hard training session.

    - Take a hot bath - A hot bath is another way to relax the muscles and speed up recovery after BJJ training. Adding Epsom salts to your bath can help improve circulation and reduce muscle soreness.

    - Use a heating pad - A heating pad is another way to soothe tired muscles after BJJ training. Heating pads help increase blood flow and promote healing.

    Resting is Key

    It's important to get plenty of rest after BJJ training sessions. This will allow your body time to heal and recover. Avoid strenuous activities in the hours immediately following your training session, and give yourself at least one day of rest each week. Follow these tips for improved recovery after BJJ training, and you'll be back on the mats in no time!

    Active recovery for BJJ

    - Do some light aerobic exercise - Jogging, walking, or biking are all great ways to get your body moving after BJJ training. This will help improve circulation and speed up the healing process. It's important to keep this as a light work out and not overdue it and risk overtraining. Having a good sense of self-awareness is important.

    Post Work Out Swimming

    A light swim is a common wat for Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes to continue having some sort of physical activity after multiple consecutive days of intense training.

    Have A Training & Rest Day Schedule

    This is a great way to make sure your body gets the time it needs for active & passive recovery. Below is a 1-week rest focused schedule.

    Recovery Focused Schedule

    - Monday: Training day with light workout and plenty of rest afterward

    - Tuesday: Active recovery - some light aerobic exercise

    - Wednesday: Rest day or very light activity only if needed

    - Thursday: Training session (could be a light one) and plenty of rest afterward.

    - Friday: Active recovery - some light aerobic exercise

    - Saturday/Sunday: Rest days Recovering from BJJ training doesn't have to take forever, and it can actually help you improve your game! Following these tips will get you back on the mats in no time and help you recover faster.

    Competition / BJJ Schedule

    Here is a training undulation schedule designed for martial artists that train jiu jitsu and are looking to compete provided by Nattie Boss, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt.

    You can learn more about scheduling your training sessions along with the 4 most crucial areas where athletes need structure for further research with our collaboration article with her.

     Training schedule for Jiu Jitsu athletes

    What To Avoid When Recovering From BJJ Training

    There are a few things you should avoid when recovering from BJJ training. Avoid activities that put stress on your muscles, such as running or weightlifting. Also avoid alcohol and caffeine, which can interfere with the healing process.

    Avoid Sugary Drinks

    Drinking too many sugary drinks can cause inflammation in the body because of their high sugar content. Acute inflammation post training can be beneficial but chronic inflammation can lead to more problems down the road, it's best to look for good nutrition that helps fight inflammation.

    Many post training drinks might promise it's content to be full of your daily protein requirements but may also be loaded with sugar.

    Taking Time Off To Rest

    - Get plenty of rest - Recovering from BJJ training is a time commitment, and it requires you to prioritize your recovery needs above all others. This means sleeping more than usual in order to give yourself optimal rest.

    Sleeping for BJJ recovery

    Breathwork for stress and the best nights sleep and rest.

    Nagging injuries - Recovering from BJJ training is difficult if you're nursing a sore muscle or injury. If possible, take time off when needed so your body can heal properly before returning to the mat.

    Recovering from a martial arts workout is easier when you know how to track your progress. Keep a record of the changes that take place in your body over time, and note any improvements or setbacks.

    Post workout recovery isn't an option – it's a necessity! Make sure you're doing everything you can to recover from BJJ training, and then do it again after your next session.

    Recovering from BJJ training can be a difficult process, but by following the tips above you will make improvements with every workout! Recovering from workouts properly is an essential part of improving as a martial artist!

    Recovery Strategy

    So there you have it - a few tips and strategies for Recovering from BJJ Training. Implement these into your daily routine, and you'll be back on the mats in no time!

    I hope that this article was helpful and provided some useful information on how to Recover From BJJ Training. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thanks for reading!

    Recovering from Jiu Jitsu can seem difficult, but with the right tips and strategies, it can be a breeze. By following the advice in this article, you will feel a huge difference in your ability to recovery post workout and be ready for the next hard training session.

    Stay tuned for more articles on Jiu Jitsu topics! if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Comment below some ways to recover post workout to maximize your recovery, do you have a stretching routine and sleep well after you train?

    Thanks for reading, train intelligently and have fun! :)

    ***Please note: these are only suggested methods of recovering from BJJ training. If you are experiencing pain or other symptoms that persist, it's best to find guidance from a licensed health care practitioner. Submission Shark does not give medical advice.

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