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      Shopping for MMA Gear & Women's BJJ Spats?

      Whether you're looking for no-gi BJJ spats, training pants or beautiful martial arts clothing to relax in, Submission Shark has you covered. These full guard BJJ spats are perfect for MMA training, Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition, athletic events, or even casual wear. Shop men's MMA and jiu-jitsu spats for a different fit or swap with high-waisted compression leggings and 3/4 Capri Leggings for more leggings styles.

      Submission Shark uses sublimation inks that are biodegradable and CPSIA compliant to create your new MMA and BJJ spats.

      Match your favourite Submission Shark BJJ leggings with a sports bra or women's rash guard top for a complete style. Browse athletic jiu-jitsu shorts or compression sports shorts for warmer weather occasions.

      Looking for smaller legging sizes? Shop youth jiu jitsu leggings and kid's BJJ spats.

      Shop women's Brazilian jiu-jitsu gis to complete your BJJ gear wardrobe.

      Looking for a way to enhance your features?

      Submission Shark jiu jitsu spats are the perfect solution. They’re made from high-quality, breathable material that will help you look great while working out.

      You can wear them as MMA clothing or as grappling spats and you don’t have to worry about chafing or discomfort when you work out. They come in a variety of colors so you can find one that matches your workout clothes!

      We know how important it is for women like you to feel confident when they go to the gym, which is why we use only premium materials in our products. These spats also feature compression technology that does not restrict blood flow and is smooth to the touch.

      Focus on what's important like working out and don't worry about the price as these are high-quality compression spats are made for women that train combat sports like BJJ.

      They feature a spandex solution for nogi ladies looking for protection. Grapple with durable equipment that will support your muscles and performance.

      Created with unique designs and eco-friendly inks, just imagine hearing the compliments you will attract from your favorite training partners.

      These are the best women's bjj spats for combat sports because they are created with flatlock stitching that does not cut off blood circulation and stretches for a perfect fit.

      reduce muscle fatigue after workouts – giving you more energy during your next session at the gym! Plus, these spats are machine washable so there’s no need to handwash them after each use. Just toss them into the washing machine with all of your other clothes and let us do all of the hard work for you!

      You won’t believe how quickly these spats will change the way you feel about yourself! Not only do they make it easy for women who aren’t comfortable working out at home or in public places by themselves; they also make it easier than ever before for women who are intimidated by heavy weightlifting equipment at gyms.

      Now all women can enjoy beautiful results from their workout routines no matter what type of exercise they prefer! And if that wasn't enough...they're cute too!

      You'll love wearing them under skirts and dresses as well as jeans and shorts because they come in so many different colors and patterns. Don't miss this opportunity - order yours today!

      A common problem with compression pants is see-through or their prints peel after a few uses. Submission shark jiu-jitsu spats are not see-through and the cool designs promise longevity even after it goes through the wash.

      You’re a woman who loves to train. You want to wear your compression spats, but you don’t want people staring at you in the gym.

      We get it! That’s why we designed our women's compression spats with a unique design that makes them perfect for wearing underneath clothing like a bjj gi without anyone knowing they are there.

      They are made from high-quality materials and have been tested extensively by real athletes just like yourself so that they will last through even the most grueling workouts.

      Our women's compression spats come in an array of colors and styles so that you can find one that fits perfectly into your wardrobe while still giving you all the benefits of wearing compression gear during training sessions. Get yours today!

      Submission Shark's women's spats promotes a comfort fit that hugs your body without causing pressure or friction, advertising a combination of durable performance, quality, and attractive graphics. Your new spats pants are built for pros to prevent injuries on the mats. You don't want to keep missing out on a popular look.

      Easily choose options that improve your lifestyle and commit to an eco-friendly brand (Submission Shark). We remove 1kg of plastic from the oceans at no extra price for you. The price is fair for this type of quality and if you aren't satisfied, you are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee.

      Your new MMA spats are a great deal and you will also receive free shipping with orders over $95 (Canada & USA). Spend your time on the mats with luxury premium material, have freedom of movement and ensure that you are making similar choices as the pros.

      Shop now and purchase Submission Shark Women's Compression Spats or buy some for your friends! You can also pair them with women's BJJ rash guards for a complete nogi set.


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