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BJJ Moves: Russian Tie + Pendulum Sweep +Triangle Choke + Armbar
Have you ever watched a martial arts movie and noticed some legit jiu jitsu moves being performed? Here is a fun sequence being demonstrated for stunt work. Learn how you can include BJJ moves into your own training or films. These BJJ techniques should be practiced with care and control, but if mastered, it can be an impressive display of martial arts grappling. This Submission Shark BJJ blog breaks down jiu jitsu techniques step by step. 
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Jiu Jitsu Moves: Lapel Trap Armbar (Kyle Sleeman)
The BJJ gi can be used as an effective weapon for chokes but unique jiu jitsu moves showcases how it can also be used as a way to trap a limb. Kyle Sleeman, a BJJ black belt demonstrates an interesting BJJ technique that you have to try. By the end of this quick lesson, you will understand the lapel trap armbar and begin seeing how to utilize the jiu jitsu gi to your advantage while training, competing or in a self defense scenario. 
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BJJ Drills: 2 Interesting Ways To Escape Knee On Belly
In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappling, you may find yourself in a bad position with your opponent on top of you with their knee on your belly. Although it is not a submission hold, it can be uncomfortable and lead to a submission in BJJ or finish from strikes in MMA. Here are 2 unique BJJ moves that allow for the martial artist in the bottom position to transition into effective submissions. 
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Why Are Grips So Important In Martial Grappling?

A hallmark for high-level strikers is an effective jab that allows them to calculate the distance between their opponent and momentarily stun or deceive.

Likewise, a hallmark for high-level grapplers is an efficient grip sequence that allows them to limit their opponent's attack options.

In the grappling arts, some individuals are masters at creating movement, and some are masters at inhibiting movement.

Whichever side you sway, your matches will always start with a grip, which is why they need to be effective.

Here are three ways to improve them.

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Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards Submission Shark BJJ brand
Wearing BJJ rash guards have become popular within the Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA community. You might have seen this clothing worn in both gi jiu-jitsu and no-gi BJJ. The problem with jiu jitsu rash guards or BJJ shirts is that many beginners do not know the importance of wearing one and how to shop the best...
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