BJJ Gi Review (Submission Shark) ~ Peter Chan Jr.

Searching for the best BJJ gi can be a difficult process. When shopping for a new jiu jitsu gi, it is helpful to see reviews from other practitioners. In this article, you will see a video review for the Limited Edition Shark Frenzy BJJ Gi. After this article, you will know what the best BJJ gear is for you and why this jiu jitsu gi is like nothing else on the market.

Submission Shark BJJ Gi Review ~ Peter Chan Jr.

Hey guys, Peter Chan Jr. here just want to give a shout out to Submission Shark. I just this gi from them. It’s actually a really high-quality jiu jitsu gi. It’s something completely different than what’s out there in the market place. If you guys are looking for gis, something with a really cool design, that’s good in quality and has a reasonable price point, I highly do recommend Submission Shark. 

It’s something different, not like all the usual brands. If you guys wear this to your academy, I know it’s quarantine right now but if your school opens up and you wear this to your academy it will like turn heads. People are going to be like “Oh shoot what is that? That’s a nice jiu jitsu gi, what is that?”

So something I do recommend. Good-quality. I’ve trained in it before and I highly do recommend it. Check it out.

Still Not Sure About This BJJ Gi? 

Hey, that jiu jitsu Gi is amazing!!. My coach actually got that for me because I love sharks. I was in love the moment I saw it. The stitching color is awesome, the colors on the artwork are awesome. It washes well and fits perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better gi. - Ashlea T.

Submission Shark Luxury BJJ Gi

Just got my new gi! It's honestly the most comfortable jiu jitsu gi I've ever worn. - Christian S.

Here are a few more BJJ gear reviews from happy Submission Shark customers. These jiu jitsu gi reviews will help you make the best decision when ordering a brand new BJJ gi.

Prefer No-Gi BJJ Gear Over Training In The Jiu Jitsu Gi?

Submission Shark No-Gi BJJ Gear

As a BJJ brand that loves to see martial artists enjoying their new premium jiu jitsu gear, it was incredible to see how one of our supporters reacted when wearing her new no-gi jiu jitsu gear.

Wear This BJJ Gear Under Your Jiu Jitsu Gi

BJJ Girl in No-Gi jiu jitsu gi and rash guard

Shop both men’s BJJ rash guards and women’s jiu jitsu rash guards. Pair them with BJJ spats for men and jiu jitsu leggings for women. You can also find youth BJJ rash guards and spats as well as kid’s sizes as well.

Receive Your High-Quality BJJ Gi and Join The Frenzy

Seeing reviews like this means the world to the Submission Shark team. Join Peter Chan Jr. and find your next BJJ gi here. After you trained in your new Brazilian jiu jitsu gi, make sure to send us a video review just like this. Your feedback helps us to continue to provide the best BJJ gear in the market.

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