Womens BJJ Spats ~ Submission Shark Review (Jezebella)

You are probably reading this because you are looking to buy reliable BJJ spats for women. This review from one of Submission Shark’s customers will help you understand where to buy the best BJJ compression pants for jiu jitsu women. By the end of this quick review, you will know where to buy the best jiu jitsu spats.

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(Bonus: A Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt in Submission Shark’s womens bjj spats)

Looking To Wear Spats Under Gi While Training?

Many BJJ practitioners enjoy wearing their jiu jitsu spats under the gi while training but cannot find the perfect style for this. Comfortability is always kept in mind when supporting Submission Shark athletes and customers while they are enjoying the martial art that they love. 

The smooth and soft material helps to create a comfortable barrier between you and the BJJ gi. A high-quality waistband is carefully included to help innovate this extra feature for your experience on the mats.

“The leggings are amazing.”

Squat proof bjj spats for women

"They are comfortable soft and they aren’t see-through when they stretch and a huge thing for me when getting leggings for under my gi is the waistband and this one is perfect and not too thick you guys have done a great job." -Ruby M.

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Where To Buy Jiu Jitsu Compression Pants?

Submission Shark provides different styles of women's spats ranging from simplistic cheap BJJ spats made with premium materials and eco-friendly inks to more vibrant, eye-catching and fun styles for those with specific interests. We serve the BJJ community with great length choices from ¾ capri spats, full guard spats, and high-waist leggings.

Jezebella shares her thoughts on Submission Shark’s Womens BJJ spats below.

It seems like you are curious in seeing if there are any ladies BJJ spats that might match your personality as well. Browse the full collections because Submission Shark shares a variety of different womens bjj spats designs to best suit your needs.

Jezebella's review of Submission Shark BJJ Spats

“I am in love with these sunset spats. They are comfortable and flexible. Thank you @submission.shark for making spats for sky lovers like me.” - Jezebella

Shop Women’s BJJ Compression Spats Now!

Pair your new purchase with some matching compression shirts for jiu jitsu. This women's no gi bjj gear review will also help you in your shopping experience. See the full BJJ rash guards buying guide here for more reviews and information. 

Jezebella in Submission Shark BJJ Apparel (jiu jitsu girls)

Shop crop tops and other BJJ apparel for BJJ women here at Submission Shark to complete your outfit. Discover an amazing gift for jiu jitsu girls in the youth BJJ apparel collection.

Are these womens BJJ spats sizes too large? 

You can also find smaller sizes with youth BJJ leggings and kid’s jiu jitsu spats. These styles are perfect for jiu jitsu girls and boys that train combat sports as well. 

Having the opposite problem/searching for larger compression spats? Women’s plus size BJJ spats coming soon. Follow Submission Shark on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of any new product additions.

Here’s a review from these jiu jitsu girls on their experiences with the youth BJJ spats:

jiu jitsu girls in BJJ spats from Submission Shark

Shop Womens BJJ Spats Now At Submission Shark. 

Danielle Kelly in Submission Shark bjj spats

Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Danielle Kelly In The Submission Shark’s Womens BJJ Spats

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