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Brazilian jiu-jitsu rash guards can be difficult to shop for, especially with many different practitioner’s body types. I struggled to find the best all-around BJJ gear for a majority of my experience as a martial artist. I’ve spent a fortune going through terrible designs until I found the perfect BJJ rash guard that is durable enough for the most aggressive combat sports as well as soft and comfortable enough for a joyful training or sparring session.

This article is a collaboration between many different jiu-jitsu rash guard reviews from the martial arts and MMA community.

What Are Best Quality Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards? 

When shopping for new BJJ gear, a crucial element is the quality of the jiu jitsu gear. BJJ training and other combat sports can cause a lot of wear and tear and you wouldn’t want it to break within the first few weeks. Great insurance for this common problem would be to shop from a premium MMA gear store. Brazilian jiu jitsu apparel can be bought for cheap prices but if you want a fair chance at wearing your BJJ gear long term, you might want to view reviews from others before you make a decision.

BJJ Gear Review From Head Instructor At North River Jiu-Jitsu Acadamy

"I like the quality and fit, not too flashy, just a solid quality product all around."

- Josh L.

Josh Leduc at North River Jiu-JItsu Academy wearing a red Submission Shark BJJ Rash Guard

Is This The Most Comfortable Jiu Jitsu Gear and BJJ Rash Guards?

Another important factor when shopping for a new BJJ rash guard is to shop with comfort. If you plan on wearing rash guards under a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi, this is especially important as the added layers may make it difficult to breathe and cause an excess amount of body heat. 

Wearing comfortable compression wear can be a heavenly feeling or a choking and movement restricting nightmare. Making the best decision now will save you from a terrible experience and help you train optimally. This goes for BJJ spats as well.

Here are some helpful jiu jitsu spats reviews if you are looking to pair your MMA rash guards and completing your outfit.

Great quality and comfortable (Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards)

White Submission Shark Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard

"Super comfortable and very high-quality material." - Brandon W.

Your New Favourite Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards!

Black Panther Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards Reviews Submission Shark

Soooo excited to get my black panther rashguard!!!

"Probably my new favourite rashie. Wakanda Forever!" - Cassius H.
Primal Savage Red Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard at a Martial Arts Competition - BJJ Gear Reviews

Thank you for the awesome gear I just purchased

"I love it." - Mackenzie B.

Submission Shark Frenzy Blue Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard Reviews - Swamp Fox BJJ


"Training tonight in no-gi in my favourite rashguard." - Syd. M

Finding The Best Fitting BJJ Rash Guards and MMA Gear For You!

Buying MMA gear online can be difficult as you won’t be able to try it on before you make an order. Shopping from MMA brands that offer a fair return policy can help you try it on and decide if the comfort and fit are right for you. Another helpful way to know if a jiu-jitsu rash guard will be a great fit for you is to see the brand’s size charts and compare it to any other apparel you might already have.

Red Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard (Mackenzie B.) BJJ Gear Reviews

If you are just starting BJJ or MMA, the definitive guide to jiu jitsu rash guards can be a great resource for you. A common mistake that causes a poor fit is to not care for your rash guards properly. Learning how to make your BJJ rash guards last longer can keep its comfort and durable fit for your entire martial arts journey. Shopping from a brand that has a responsive and first-class service can help with this process as well. 

Shop Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards From Premium BJJ Brands

These reviews came from Submission Shark, the jiu jitsu shop with premium BJJ clothing for all martial artists. Jiu jitsu rash guards for men, no-gi BJJ women’s rash guard tops, athletic youth BJJ rash guards, and kids compression shirts are available. Upgrade your new Brazilian jiu jitsu gear with a brand new BJJ gi to complete your style.

Submission Shark Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards

If you’re searching for more BJJ gear reviews, feel free to check out the feedback on BJJ spats and jiu-jitsu gis. Thank you for taking the time to go through these jiu jitsu rash guards reviews and I hope it can help you make a better decision when you’re shopping for new martial arts apparel. If you’ve supported a Brand, feel free to leave a review to help others decide what’s the best option for them.

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