My Favorite No-Gi Wear ~ Submission Shark BJJ Gear Review

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that is known for its passionate practitioners. As a jiu-jitsu brand that loves to see martial artists enjoying their lifestyles in premium BJJ gear, it was incredible to see how one of our supporters reacted when wearing her new no-gi jiu-jitsu gear created by Submission Shark’s industry professionals. It can be nerve-wracking to see how others would enjoy a creation that you made, especially one that requires great details such as a jiu-jitsu rash guard or BJJ spats.

Hardworking man coding on a computer in a white BJJ T-shirt

After a long week of designing new no-gi BJJ gear, it was exciting to open up Submission Shark’s Instagram page to see a happy supporter wearing one of our BJJ rash guards and jiu-jitsu spats. As an artist, it is fulfilling to see someone enjoying your creation. Have you ever been so excited and thrilled with a purchase that you just had to show it off to the world?

 Sara doing some Jiu Jitsu training in Submission Shark BJJ Gear

Sara's Favourite No-Gi BJJ Gear!

As a martial artist, it was difficult to find the perfect no-gi jiu-jitsu gear to wear while training. The ones that I tried would always fit weird or they would be uncomfortable. After creating and testing this jiu-jitsu gear, I knew it would become an important part of each practitioner's wardrobe. With an eco-friendly mindset, it was a reminder that through passion and persistence, you can become a part of something great while you are pursuing what you love to do!

Just like in martial arts, you may lose a lot. It can take a few tries before you perfect a technique. But with the support of your team, you begin realizing your confidence in your abilities. We love creating designs that you love. Your support and feedback mean the world to the Submission Shark team. 

A Happy Practitioner In Submission Shark’s Jiu-Jitsu Gear

A happy blonde BJJ girl in a Submission Shark jiu jitsu rash guard

 (Submission Shark No-Gi BJJ Rash Guard)

Seeing smiles on our customer’s faces is what motivates us to continue to create the best products for the BJJ community. Searching endlessly for the perfect jiu-jitsu gear shouldn’t be a struggle. Let us take care of supplying you with the clothing you need so you can stay focused on training with your friends!

You, Will, Love Your New BJJ Gear!

Shop for new BJJ gear and discover the quality and beautiful designs Submission Shark has to offer. You can now show your support and receive the best no-gi jiu-jitsu gear on the market. Browse through a wide range of men’s BJJ rash guard, and women’s compression shirts, or shop youth, and kid’s rash guards for smaller sizes.

Jiu Jitsu girl in Submission Shark No-Gi BJJ Gear

Searching for comfortable jiu-jitsu spats to go with them? You can find the best women’s Capri leggings, full-guard BJJ spats, and high-waist leggings here at Submission Shark or shop for men’s compression spats to match your new jiu-jitsu rash guard. 

Youth jiu-jitsu spats and kid’s BJJ spats are a popular item that your kids will absolutely love. See more jiu-jitsu gear reviews and find out why Submission Shark is the jiu-jitsu brand for you or begin your shopping experience to receive your new favourite no-gi BJJ gear. 

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