Shop Premium Full Guard BJJ Spats and Leggings

Shopping for MMA fight wear and women's BJJ Spats?

Whether you're looking for no-gi BJJ spats, training pants or beautiful martial arts clothing to relax in, Submission Shark has you covered. These full guard BJJ spats are perfect for MMA training, Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition, athletic events, or even casual wear. Shop men's MMA and jiu-jitsu spats for a different fit or swap with high waisted compression leggings and 3/4 Capri Leggings for more leggings styles

Match our best BJJ leggings with a sports bra or women's rash guard top for a complete style or swap with athletic jiu-jitsu shorts or compression sports shorts for warmer weather. 

Submission Shark uses sublimation inks that are biodegradable and CPSIA compliant. 

Looking for smaller legging sizes? Shop youth leggings and kid's pants.