BJJ Drills: 2 Interesting Ways To Escape Knee On Belly

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappling, you may find yourself in a bad position with your opponent on top of you with their knee on your belly. Although it is not a submission hold, it can be uncomfortable and lead to a submission in BJJ or finish from strikes in MMA. Here are 2 unique BJJ moves that allow for the martial artist in the bottom position to transition into effective submissions. 

BJJ Drills: 2 Interesting Ways To Escape Knee On Belly

The BJJ Basics

Both transitions require a ‘shrimp;’ one of the basic jiu jitsu moves to begin the sequence that all BJJ beginners should master if they’d like to become an effective martial artist. This can be a strange body movement for new jiu jitsu practitioners but once you develop the mechanics, it can become second nature. Review the video above to see that movement again. The ‘shrimp’ can be practiced on your own or with a training partner.

Breaking Down The BJJ Moves 

In the first sequence, Simon Davis uses ‘hooks’ to help create the leverage needed to both escape the bad positions and secure the dominant one. The first hook is an under hook with his left arm and he adds his legs as offensive ‘hooks’ to ensure the position as he takes the back and locks in a rear naked choke.

The second escape involves a leg lock. Instead of taking the back, Austin starts with the ‘shrimp’ and creates leverage by trapping his opponents hips with his arms and forcing him to fall back. From there he attacks the leg and finishes with a knee bar. 

When practicing these BJJ moves, it is always best to have control over these bjj drills and exercise control and care. These jiu jitsu techniques can be dangerous if not properly performed but can also be a great benefit for a BJJ beginner or even advanced practitioner.

This Brazilian jiu jitsu demonstration is performed by @savagezen and @simondavisbjj

Austin Haedicke Nogi grappling and Jiu Jitsu (Kombat Kitchen BJJ)

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Austin Haedicke (Kombat Kitchen Jiu Jitsu)

In this interview, we feature @savagezen (Austin Haedicke), a highly knowledgeable nutrition coach and mental health counselor.

Austin Haedicke (Kombat Kitchen BJJ)

Austin is a dedicated BJJ practitioner that earned his purple belt at the Integrity BJJ and Fitness in Carrollton, GA. We discuss the importance of nutrition for BJJ athletes and go into depth about the benefits of specific foods along with his perspectives and thoughts on this martial art.

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