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Searching for men’s, youth and ladies BJJ spats can be a stressful experience. With varying body types and different design styles, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect jiu jitsu gear for you. That is why reading reviews from other martial artists can be helpful when shopping for a jiu-jitsu brand to buy BJJ gear from.

Where To Buy The Best Quality BJJ Spats?

Submission Shark BJJ Spats

You can always find cheap BJJ spats at a variety of MMA stores online, the problem with this is that they are usually poor quality. When training in combat sports, you would want to invest in the most durable and comfortable BJJ spats that won’t break. Compression MMA gear can be one of your most comfortable pieces of martial arts apparel, but if made with bad materials and poor stitching, it could be a restricting annoyance while training.

Jiu Jitsu Spats That Are Not See-Through (Squat-Proof BJJ Gear)

Whether you are shopping for women’s spats, youth BJJ spats, or men’s compression spats, you wouldn’t want them to be see-through. This would be embarrassing. Being proactive and shopping better quality BJJ spats reviews can help prevent unwanted attention and sport BJJ clothing that will enhance your style while training. 

The leggings are amazing.

Submission Shark white and blue jiu jitsu spats

"They are comfortable soft and they aren’t see-through when they stretch and a huge thing for me when getting leggings for under my gi is the waistband and this one is perfect and not too thick you guys have done a great job." -Ruby M.

Do you wear jiu jitsu spats under the BJJ gi? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this article and check out the definitive guide to jiu jitsu rash guards to learn why you might want to start wearing compression wear under the gi if you aren’t already doing so. 

Is This The Most Comfortable MMA Spats and Jiu Jitsu Gear?

Have you ever worn uncomfortable martial arts clothing? Comfort should be on the top of your list when shopping for new BJJ spats. Great comfort can be difficult to find. Buying compression pants from MMA brands that offer four-way stretch fabrics can help create a great experience for all body types. Here are a few reviews on the comfort of Submission Shark jiu jitsu spats. 

Best spats we have!

Three BJJ girls wearing Jiu Jitsu spats

“Very comfortable, we wear them all the time! Thanks @submission.shark” - Kaitlyn, Daniela, and Meghan (@3girlsbjj)

Searching for youth compression spats? These popular styles are available in multiple styles. These martial arts clothing is a perfect gift idea for any martial artist. View BJJ gi reviews if you’d like to pair your new leggings to get one step closer to receiving free shipping.

Okay... I am beyond excited.

“Love them!! They all fit great!” - Maiijun. X

Maiijun is practicing BJJ drills in Submission Shark’s full-guard blue leaf leggings. If you prefer different styles, swap with high-waist pants or Capri MMA spats, and pair with a long-sleeve women’s rash guard top to complete your outfit.

Finding The Best BJJ Spats and MMA Gear For You!


The best BJJ compression pants depend highly on your preferences. Some practitioners prefer their MMA gear to be simple and plain while others might want to showcase their bold side and wear brighter more eye-catching colours. It’s also helpful if the jiu jitsu shop also offers a fair return policy just in case you decide they aren’t quite for you. 

I love them.

Neuron Energy BJJ Spats

“I recently purchased these capris pants and I love them. I have gotten tons of compliments.” - Melissa A.

Surprise your training partners with your amazing style! Submission Shark has a wide variety of interesting designs. When shopping for new BJJ gear, having a large catalogue to choose from can give you the option to select something that expresses your personality perfectly. Combine great functionality with comfort and fashion with these jiu-jitsu compression pants when you perform your best BJJ moves!

Shopping for other women’s no gi Brazilian jiu jitsu gear? Browse Submission Shark’s compression shirts for jiu jitsu or swap these MMA spats with athletic shorts, women’s spats shorts, and sports bras.

Amazing design and fit!!!

Submission Shark BJJ Spats

“I love these spats! Just wore mine to train in for the first time and now I'm going to be wearing them to compete in a couple of months!!” - Scott L.

BJJ spats aren’t just for women. These men’s compression pants are great for no-gi jiu jitsu training and BJJ tournaments. Durable enough for the toughest battles and comfortable for the most will-testing rolls. Not quite your style? Check out athletic shorts for more men’s clothing.

Shop Jiu Jitsu Spats From Premium BJJ Gear Brands

These BJJ spats reviews were taken from customers of Submission Shark. If you have any feedback on any products you bought, make sure to leave a review and help others make the best decision for them. Jiu jitsu spats can often be paired with BJJ rash guards. Check out more BJJ gear reviews if you prefer different styles of martial arts clothing. Shop kid’s jiu jitsu spats, men’s MMA spats, women’s spats, or youth jiu jitsu spats if you are ready to upgrade your training gear.

How To Take Care of Your BJJ Spats & MMA Gear

Premium jiu-jitsu spats will last a long time as long as you take care of them. It is important to know to keep compression wear away from velcro and other sharp objects as it can pull white fibres out from the clothing. Another way to make this investment last your whole martial arts journey is to make sure you follow the washing instructions. 

Submission Shark uses eco-friendly and bio-degradable inks, ensuring safety for both you and the environment. These hand-sewn jiu jitsu spats are made with integrity and built to last. Wash them regularly and after each training session to ensure a bright and bold design each time you put on this piece of art apparel.

Shop Submission Shark BJJ Spats Now!

If you have any questions about these BJJ spats reviews or would like to leave a review for yourself, feel free to contact customer service for more information about premium MMA gear.

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