BJJ Gi Reviews - The Most Comfortable Jiu-Jitsu Clothing You’ll Wear!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA can place you into uncomfortable positions that make you grow as a person, but that doesn’t mean your training gear should be uncomfortable as well. To train BJJ or MMA in the best way you can, you’d want to support a brand that offers comfortable apparel along with perfect fitting BJJ gis, no-gi jiu-jitsu rash guards and fight wear spats.

This article features some helpful martial arts and BJJ gear reviews to help you understand which jiu jitsu gi brands have the best training gear when it comes to comfort.

Shopping For A BJJ Gi - Why comfort matters…

If you have ever rolled in an uncomfortable gi, you will understand how distracting it can be. This can be a terrible experience when training or competing. Imagine being at a seminar taught by your favourite BJJ black belt and you can’t seem to focus due to a poorly fitting BJJ gi. 

BJJ Girl in a Submission Shark jiu jitsu gi at IBJJF

As many of you may become drawn into the lifestyle and begin training multiple times a week, it only makes sense to invest in the most comfortable jiu jitsu gi you can find as you will be spending the majority of your journey in it. Comfortable BJJ gis can be a game-changer on the mats and excel your overall experience with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

BJJ Gi Review #1...Submission Shark Black BJJ Gi ReviewI just got my new gi!

"It's honestly the most comfortable gi I've ever worn." - Christian S.


Whether you train multiple times a week or rarely, having an uncomfortable gi can ruin your training experiences. Shop from a store and BJJ brand that has great reviews specifically on the comfort of the apparel can help improve your enjoyment on the mats. After seeing more of these reviews it will be obvious where to buy your next favourite BJJ gi. 

Favourite Martial Arts Kimono Review #2…Submission Shark Black BJJ Gi At Kindred Jiu-JitsuIt's my favourite gi no doubt about it.

"Easily my most comfortable gi." - Jeff. P

The BJJ community is filled with amazing people. Martial arts and BJJ saves lives. It’s important to support a brand that promotes this art form and its benefits while sharing the inspiring journeys of its practitioners. You can learn more about Jeffrey Pierson’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu story as well as many others in the community section of the School of Sharks. 

Owning a jiu-jitsu gi from a brand that understands the passion and importance of Brazilian jiu-jitsu for its supporters can be the difference-maker between an exceptional BJJ gi and an average one.

Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Review #3...BJJ Whitebelt in a Submission Shark Jiu Jitsu Gibest BJJ gis

"These gi's are REALLY comfy!" - Jake. R

Comfort can range widely between different products on the market. With multiple body types, it can be helpful to see reviews from many separate genders, ages, and individuals to understand a brand’s ability to fit multiple needs. 

Along with comfortable BJJ gis, having comfortable everyday casual apparel can help support practitioners even off the mats. For many of us, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has become a lifestyle and transitioning that comfort into clothing apparel that promotes this martial art can be a great addition to your BJJ gi, fight wear set and wardrobe.

The Best BJJ Brands and Jiu Jitsu Gi Review #4...

BJJ Girl Wearing a Black Submission Shark Sweatshirt at Jiu-Jitsu PracticeI just received the Submission Shark sweatshirt that I bought.

"I want to let you guys know, great sweatshirt, cool graphics very warm and very comfortable!" - Chloe T.

Being comfortable and stylish can sometimes be rare when it comes to fashion and functionality. Submission Shark has designed and created the best of both worlds into a long-lasting and luxurious experience. Be the best looking BJJ practitioner with one of these BJJ gis. 

The Best Looking BJJ Gi Review #5

When shopping for the best looking jiu jitsu gi, it can be helpful to see the reactions from past customers. Here’s a BJJ gear review from someone that bought a Submission Shark BJJ gi.

Ashley Gives a Review of Submission Shark's Black BJJ Gi at a Jiu-Jitsu TournamentI couldn't ask for a better Gi.

"Hey, that Gi is amazing!! My coach actually got that for me because I love sharks. I was in love the moment I saw it. The stitching colour is awesome, the colours on the artwork are awesome. It washes well and fits perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better Gi." - Ashlea T.

Shop BJJ Gi and MMA Gear Now From the best jiu jitsu gi brand - Recieve Great Service

You now possess the information on which brand has the best BJJ gis and martial arts clothing. However, It’s been said that knowledge is just half the battle. Win the war and go on the attack by upgrading your style and train in complete comfort and stress less about your purchasing decisions. Whether you are training gi jiu-jitsu or no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu, these reviews should help you decide which is the best jiu jitsu clothing store for you.

Shop the most comfortable BJJ gis, no-gi jiu-jitsu spats, MMA rash guards and martial arts clothing or learn about the importance of having customer support and service that makes you just as comfortable with your ordering process as the products itself. Don’t hesitate as this premium brand limits it’s qualities to ensure better quality and innovation.

These offers are fair as they’re definitely not the most expensive bjj gis and can often be better than the majority of the bjj brands having a jiu jitsu gi sale and clearance events. After seeing these reviews, it should be clear that this is the best-looking bjj gi. These designs are enjoyed by many ranks making it the best bjj gi for beginners as well. 

Submission Shark BJJ Gi and Red MMA Rash Guard

After you’ve tried your new Submission Shark BJJ gi, submit your review on the product page and help let others know what the best buying decision is for them. Your review can help prevent a BJJ beginner from making the wrong choice and ruining their gi jiu jitsu experience. Jiu Jitsu gis can be hard to shop for but these reviews should make it an easy and obvious choice for you.

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