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‘Kensho’ can be described as ‘growth by pain’. Realizing your character under challenging moments can help you develop as a person and become a better martial artist both on and off the mats. Losses are my favourite and I’ve seen many of them in my life. Each loss in jiu jitsu has sparked a new attitude towards myself and outlook on life for the better. You can train your techniques the best way you can to avoid painful situations, but you can also train your mind to see ‘Kensho’ if pain finds its way to you. 

Kensho in Martial Arts & MMA

In martial arts, Kensho appears in many different situations. In Brazilian jiu jitsu for example, it can come in the form of being submitted over and over again and having to experience the pain of loss. The growth that comes from this experience can usually be seen in practitioners falling in love with the martial art and becoming passionate members of the community.

Jiu Jitsu kensho (Shop BJJ Clothing)

Muay Thai incorporates a lot of kicks, especially low thigh kicks and even calf kicks. From experience, I can tell you that those kicks hurt a lot more than they may look. The physical pain from those strikes can often help a martial artist grow but teaching you exactly why it’s a good idea to learn how to check kicks.

The term ‘growing apart’ can be applied to teammates and coaches searching for new homes to improve their martial expression. Losing friends can be one of the most painful experiences buts it allows you to explore more training partners and learn from other perspectives. 

MMA is undoubtedly filled with painful moments. A sport where the pain is inevitable is also one where you can grow the most and see Kensho regularly. The physical pain from a fight and the emotional pain from a loss in a high stakes fight can multiple the effects of Kensho. 

Jiu Jitsu Kensho Womens BJJ Gear

Jiu Jitsu Kensho

Jiu-Jitsu Kensho’s story is a great example of ‘growth by pain’. It is the universe sending tough love to help a soul reach its full potential. After going through a paradigm pass and meeting Satori, Kensho evolved into the dangerous and masterful jiu jitsu mistress of the dark arts, Ms. Wrist Lock. Do not underestimate her potential and power as she is one of the most skilled martial artists in all dimensions.

Jiu Jitsu kensho Meets Satori

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Ms. Wrist Lock and Satori

Is Kensho The Only Way To Grow As A Martial Arts Practitioner?

The term ‘Kensho’ stems from Japanese Zen philosophy. Kensho is not the only way to grow. Zen also teaches practitioners the meaning of ‘Satori’ which is ‘growth by awakening’. Subscribe to the Submission Shark newsletter and follow along with these articles to learn more about Satori and how you can experience this phenomenon.

Zen Jiu Jitsu (Woman in Premium BJJ Apparel)

Have you ever experienced a ‘Kensho’ moment before? Share in the comments below to help inspire others that might be going through a difficult time. 

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Explore more philosophy with the martial arts mentality section or join the community and read real stories from real practitioners any their experiences growing through pain. You might be able to relate to their stories. Support Submission Shark and the articles by shopping for your next BJJ gear or jiu jitsu apparel here. 

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