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Shopping For Jiu Jitsu T Shirts? 

Check out these pictures of jiu jitsu t-shirts submitted by Submission Shark customers. These BJJ shirts are made out of premium materials and created with eco-friendly inks. Discover how Submission Shark is the jiu jitsu shop for you with these reviews. 

Slap Bump Roll T-Shirt

This Submission Shark Customer Is Wearing The Slap, Bump, Roll Jiu Jitsu T Shirt. 

You can read more about his BJJ story and how this martial art has helped in the community section of the website. Feel free to join the community by shopping for a brand new jiu jitsu t shirt.

UFC Fighter Casey O'neill 

Submission Shark’s ‘No Doubt’ BJJ Shirt

Martial Artist stretching in a white tank top

Shopping for Other BJJ Clothing?

Submission Shark also offers other Brazilian jiu jitsu apparel such as unisex tank tops, ¾ sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

Jiu Jitsu girl in a BJJ hoodie from Submission Shark

Searching for additional Women’s Jiu Jitsu Apparel to go with your BJJ Shirts?

Shop jiu jitsu clothing for women by browsing the crop tops, crop sweatshirts and crop hoodies collections. These are some of the best selling items at this premium BJJ shop.

BJJ girl in a jiu jitsu shirt

Jezebella in one of Submission Shark’s jiu jitsu t-shirts (Crop Top)

Check out this jiu jitsu gear review she submitted in this article if you are interested in shopping for other types of BJJ gear. You’ll learn what makes these the best BJJ t-shirts.

These BJJ Shirts Are Suitable For Any Gender!

Jiu Jitsu girls in a BJJ hoodie from Submission Shark

Check out this dedicated jiu jitsu practitioner in the Shark Frenzy BJJ hoodie.

You will discover more customers in jiu jitsu t shirts on our social media and in this gallery as well. Submit your own pictures with the hashtag #submissionshark after you’ve ordered and received your new BJJ shirts and add your own BJJ t-shirt reviews.

Group of jiu jitsu girls and a man in BJJ Shirts from Submission Shark

Group of friends in Submission Shark BJJ shirts

Shop BJJ Shirts for Teens & Kids

Submission Shark’s BJJ shirts are perfect for teens and kids because they are created with safe, clean & eco-friendly genuine Brother GT-3, water based pigment inks. GT-3 inks are CPSIA compliant and Oeko-Tex™ certified.

Submission Shark BJJ Shirts Colour Threads

These innovative investments means they are safe to print on youth/children’s clothing. This new initiative also reduces environmental waste. Shop for some youth BJJ spats and youth BJJ rash guards to go with your order because these are made with safe inks and premium materials as well. You don’t want to lose out on these vibrant and fun designs.

Browse kids BJJ hoodies and youth jiu jitsu t shirts for some amazing gift ideas!

Kid in a Primal Savage Youth BJJ Shirts

Searching for other types of BJJ Gear? 

Shop BJJ Spats from Submission Shark


See more Submission Shark Brazilian jiu jitsu clothing reviews or start shopping for your brand new Brazilian jiu jitsu t-shirts now! You can also add other types of jiu jitsu gear such as men’s and women’s BJJ rash guards, youth and kid’s BJJ rash guards as well as the spats to match them.

Buy extra BJJ shirts to save more. The more you buy, the less you pay per apparel.

You Don’t Want To Miss Out On This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gear!

These jiu jitsu t-shirts come with a money back guarantee along with every other item in this BJJ store. You have nothing to lose and your satisfaction is promised.

Shop For Your BJJ Shirts Now

Shop Submission Shark BJJ Shirts
Feel free to contact support if you have any questions regarding this BJJ apparel or if you have any other concerns. We are happy to help. Gain access to brand new jiu jitsu t shirts designs and be the first to know before they are sold out by signing out the Submission Shark VIP newsletter.

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