Daniel is someone that made a positive change in his life and is now inspiring the next generation of fighters. His humble attitude is a great example of how other coaches should behave. Putting his fighters and family first, it is easy to understand why we thought he'd make a great addition to the Submission Shark Community. With a high level jiu jitsu game and a high sense of humility, he is an underrated coach. Although he might not be world renowned, his work needs to be appreciated and respected because he is a prime example of the unsung heroes we all know.

Sometimes people don't get recognition when they deserve it and it is my pleasure to be able to feature positive members of the community. Daniel also shows respect for his coaches and it is interesting to see him getting respect back from his students. Make sure you read the full article to get a better understanding off his mentality and thoughts on a passion we all share.

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Alex is someone that used to get into trouble and was going down the wrong path. Through the help of Mickey Gall and Jiu Jitsu, he managed to change his self destructive mindset into a champion's mentality. He trains hard and when I say hard I mean 30 hours a week with some really talented practitioners. Don't let his troublesome past fool you though, he is quite intelligent and his thoughts and philosophies on this sport/art can't be ignored.

This young man's potential is endless and his story is one that everyone can gain inspiration from. It's mind blowing to see the type of impact martial arts has had on his lifestyle. Scrolling through his instagram, you can clearly see a difference in attitude and outlook in his life once he starts training in jiu jitsu. Alex is a great addition to the Submission Shark Community and is a prime example of how anyone can change for the better.

Please read until the end because there is a very important message that he conveys through his life experiences and I believe the rest of the community would greatly benefit from. 

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Daniel Hernandez is the definition of a dedicated jiu jitsu practitioner. His passion for the art/sport is clear and his work ethic can't be denied. Daniel is surrounded by high level talent at Renzo Gracie's and is an active competitor. His journey was a please for me to learn more about because you can see the progression he has had in his career. From smaller competitions to some notable tournaments, he is improving at a shocking rate. Hearing his experiences with having friends and family members go through cancer made me emotional but I am happy to hear that he found a positive way to cope through jiu jitsu.

Please share his story because you never know what someone is going through and it is surprising how finding your true passion can help you go through difficult times in your life. 

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I think the title of this article says a lot about the type of person Amber is. From a loving mother to an amazing sister and member of the jiu-jitsu community, her passion for the sport/art is one of the many reasons why I believed she would fit perfectly into this community. For those that may worry about rolling while pregnant, make sure you read the full article as she explains how to train the right way while pregnant.

Amber is a part of a martial arts family with her mother being in karate her whole life! Her bright personality is quite evident in her Instagram profile as it is full of happiness and cheer. The love she has for her daughter is evident and the support she shows for both her immediate family and jiu-jitsu family is fantastic. She is an excellent example of a role model through her healthy habits and kind gestures. Make sure you read this whole article because her aspirations will shock and inspire you. 

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