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Finding a great Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brand to support while shopping for martial arts and BJJ clothing can be a difficult task. Not knowing where the best BJJ gear to shop can be overwhelming for both newcomers to the sport and experienced practitioners. Searching for the jiu-jitsu shop that’s perfect for you can be difficult.

Viewing Brazilian jiu-jitsu gear reviews can be helpful in your buying decision.

In this article, you will see some honest feedback about a popular service and what you can expect from ordering jiu jitsu gear from this BJJ brand.

BJJ Gi Reviews From The Martial Arts Community

Here is a case study of an honest mistake from a customer’s side. When shopping for jiu-jitsu clothing, it’s important to have a brand’s support that will be available to help throughout the buying and shipping process. Have you ever experienced something similar to the case below when shopping for new MMA or BJJ clothing?

BJJ Gear Review #1Jiu-Jitsu Over Everything Blue BJJ Sweatshirt

Awesome service. (Jiu-Jitsu Over Everything - BJJ Gear)

"I didn't put in my complete address when ordering. The package ended up somewhere in Latvia (I live in the Netherlands). The Submission Shark crew picked this up in a very cool way. They sent it again without extra cost. I am wearing my great 'Jiu-Jitsu over everything' sweater while I am writing this review." - Rolf B.

If you require new gear for a special occasion, perhaps for birthdays or holiday gifts, it is crucial that a BJJ brand clearly shows the expected arrival date and allows for multiple shipping options with signature proof to ensure a timely and perfect gift for deadlines. 

Youth Jiu Jitsu Gi - Service Review #2

You might have experienced BJJ brands and companies delaying emails and avoiding late notices and not caring about the importance of your order deadlines. Supporting a company that will take responsibility for late orders and poor shipping services is crucial for guaranteeing a happy delivery of an order.

Great service is always helpful when shopping for new BJJ gear but it’s also important to have a product that matches the quality of service as soon as it arrives at your doorsteps. Having a brand’s supporters share their excitement without being asked can be a clear indicator of what the best choice is for you.

BJJ Gi - Quality Review #3Submission Shark BJJ Gi for sale

Got it today and it's amazing (Limited Edition Shark Frenzy BJJ Gi)

"fits perfect thank you for that quality of a product" - Adam K.

Adam is a martial artist that has volunteered to be a part of the BJJ community and is an advocate for the quality of these products. He is someone that went through difficult times and used BJJ and martial arts to help him thrive through hardships. There are many inspiring stories within this community and it can be beneficial to support brands that help promote martial arts in it’s best ways.

BJJ Clothing Store & Jiu Jitsu Gear - Review #4BJJ Girl Wearing a Black Submission Shark Sweatshirt at Jiu-Jitsu Practice

I just received the Submission Shark sweatshirt that I bought. 

"I want to let you guys know, great sweatshirt, cool graphics very warm and very comfortable!" -Chloe T.

This BJJ practitioner was so excited and thrilled to receive her item that she decided to share her love for the sweatshirt at one of her jiu jitsu classes. Have you ever received a piece of clothing that you had to share with your training partners before?

Shopping for a jiu jitsu gi for kids? Review #5Submission Shark Black BJJ Gi For Kids

Perfect. (Limited Edition Shark Frenzy BJJ Gi for Kids)

"Got my Gi today! I love it so much. I really like the design. Thank you so much." - Skyler H.

Skyler was an early supporter of this BJJ gi brand and he managed to get this premium jiu jitsu gi for sale. Jiu jitsu gi brands that offer sponsorship programs and club newsletters can be a great way to stay up to date on jiu jitsu gi clearance sales and special offers. Discounts can be rare for this calibre of limited edition premium martial arts gear. Take advantage of any jiu jitsu gi sale this brand offers before they run out of stock.

Shop BJJ gear with comfort and great service. 

Great service can be a new and refreshing experience when ordering items from fight wear stores. Having comfort in your orders is a great start but to finish your experience you need confidence in the comfort of the BJJ gi and martial arts clothing as well.

It might be helpful to understand how comfortable the clothing will be when you begin training with them. See some more BJJ gear reviews or begin experiencing amazing service by ordering some brand new fight wear and martial arts clothing.

If you’ve ordered something from a brand, you’d want easy access to their customer service representatives in case you have any questions. Make sure to shop from a jiu jitsu store that has a ‘most popular questions’ for simple and clear answers as well as a navigation to the ‘contact us’ information.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of your brand new BJJ gi or jiu jitsu clothing 

Sharing your reviews after you receive an order on both the quality of the item and the service of the brand can help other shoppers confidently make the correct buying decisions. On top of helping others, forward-thinking brands will also use the feedback to understand what they are doing best and if anything needs improvement.

Submission Shark Black BJJ GI and Red MMA Rash Guard Top

Become a part of the creation process by leaving a review on the product pages of a store and make sure to share your excitement with your training partners and other BJJ practitioners and martial artists.

Whether you are practicing with BJJ drills or submitting your opponents with your favourite bjj moves, wearing a high-quality jiu jitsu gi is important. Along with quality and great service, Submission Shark’s BJJ gear has great reviews when it comes to comfort when compared to other jiu jitsu brands.

Being able to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu in comfort should be a top priority on your wishlist when shopping through a jiu jitsu clothing store. Jiu-jitsu training can sometimes place you into uncomfortable situations but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to wear a comfortable BJJ gi or sport some premium jiu jitsu gear both on and off the mats.

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