7 Life-Changing Reasons Why Every Child Needs Jiu Jitsu

I think we can all agree that most loving parents and guardians want the best for their children. In this article, you will explore 7 life-changing reasons why your child should train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. BJJ saves lives. If you are on the fence about how jiu jitsu can prevent a life from being lost or you are unsure about the positive impact it can make, you will have a better understanding by the end of this helpful article.

7 Reasons Why Every Child Needs Jiu Jitsu

After you read this and you still don’t believe in the benefits of BJJ for your kids, check out this article on why jiu-jitsu kids are awesome. It goes into more depth and the next steps, such as where to find the best school, how to shop for the appropriate training apparel and more.

BJJ Kids Are More Confident

Many children can struggle with a lack of confidence. Not being confident in your abilities can be like a heavyweight weighing down even the most talented kids. Brazilian jiu-jitsu empowers kids and even adults that they are worth more and can do amazing things through their abilities to push through difficult situations.

Better Social Skills Can Be Seen In Jiu Jitsu Kids

In this study, researchers examined the behaviour of youth 113 beginning BJJ or mixed martial arts. What they found was that all participants showed better self-control and pro-social behaviour.

However, it is crucial to know that those that opted to train MMA were found to be more aggressive due to past conditions while BJJ practitioners were seen to be less aggressive.

Jiu Jitsu Kids Learn Self Defense and Become Bully Proof

A common reason why many kids begin training BJJ is due to the unfortunate fact that bullying is a real threat to the happiness of many innocent children. Raina Tumminello shares her story about her bullying incident that led her to train jiu-jitsu and make friends with other BJJ kids.

BJJ Kids Will Join A New Family and Meet Life-long Friends

Whether you are looking for private martial arts lessons to prepare you for a BJJ tournament or need help improving other aspects of your life, the answers can usually be found through someone at your gym. Brazilian jiu-jitsu brings people from all walks of life together. This opens up a large amount of knowledge and support from other practitioners.

Jt Torres jiu jitsu

My professor JT Torres, Coach Nate & Jolanda help me with my school work. Professor JT was my Heros project and Coach Nate helped me with my How To Do Project. Coach Jolanda helps me with my schoolwork sometimes. - Raina Tumminello

Jiu Jitsu Kids Gain Personal Development Beyond The Mats

This martial art can create discipline because it teaches the potential to improve after consistent focused work. This can translate into all aspects of life, including writing BJJ articles as the focus needed to pay attention to a technique being taught and the focus needed to express yourself through other means, is similar. 

Personal development is an individual journey but the exponential growth of knowledge that can be gained through BJJ training can create an effective philosophy for your life.

Through experiences on the mats, children and even adult practitioners will learn lessons that can benefit everyday life. The Submission Shark community shares many mind-blowing ways BJJ has helped them develop into not only great martial artists but great people in general.

BJJ Moves Are Excellent Exercises For A Child’s Brain.

The personal development gained goes beyond just philosophies and habits but into overall brain capacity. You might be thinking there’s no way this can make a child develop more intelligence, but according to this study conducted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, it seems to be true. Exercise increases the growth of new neurons and cell survival which enhances memory and learning.

Jack McNeely training BJJ in Submission Shark jiu jitsu gi pants.

Jiu-jitsu moves require well-thought timing and accuracy that will sharpen a young practitioner’s mind. Having a great mindset early on as a youth can help create lifelong healthy habits.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle For Kids

Oftentimes you can see a complete lifestyle change from being introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The sport itself shares its physical benefits but disciplined and focused learning can keep kids away from dangerous scenarios.

Empowering kids and involving them in a healthy after-school program such as BJJ can remove the need to consume toxic substances and encourage more positive influences.

Jiu Jitsu kids in a Submission Shark BJJ Gi

Ready to get your kids prepared for their first BJJ class? Shop for a brand new jiu jitsu gi, kid’s rash guards, kid’s spats or youth rash guards and youth spats for the best equipment to support their training. Not interested in BJJ, but still interested in learning a self-defence sport? I suggest you check out this article about the best martial arts for kids and the key differences and benefits of each.

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