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      Looking for a stylish and comfortable women's bjj gi?

      Submission Shark has the best women's BJJ gi as they are designed specifically to fit the female body. It's made with high-quality materials and construction that will make you stand out on the mats while keeping you safe and comfortable.

      You'll love your beautiful design and attention to detail on this women's Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi. It has everything you need to perform your best while looking your best. Plus, it makes a great addition to any martial arts wardrobe.

      Submission Shark's Women's BJJ Gis

      Purchase your very own Submission Shark women's BJJ Gi today!

      You'll love how this women's BJJ gi feels when you're rolling on the mats - it's soft, lightweight, and breathable, with just the right amount of stretch. And the attractive design will make you stand out from the competition.

      Your new ladies' BJJ gi is not only attractive but also incredibly comfortable and safe to wear. You'll love how it feels when you put it on, and you'll be confident that you're well protected while grappling.

      Imagine hearing the compliments you will receive from your favorite training partners and opponents. Imagine owning a gi that is not only your favorite color but also made just for women.

      Now imagine how it will look when you step onto the mats with your ladies' Submission Shark BJJ Gi. Submit your best and get what the pros love!

      Feel the soft-to-the-touch material that supports you while you train through the toughest training sessions. You'll feel the love the second you put on your new women's BJJ gi.

      Soft Submission Shark BJJ Gi

      You can feel confident that your order was the right one because as a company we believe in recovery and sustainably. Submission Shark removes 1kg of plastic from the oceans per order at no extra cost to you.

      Add any item that you like to the cart continue with your shopping experience and imagine being seen as someone that has helped make the planet a better place. Even a small order makes a big difference and your money is a vote for more eco-friendly practices like this.

      You will also receive free shipping on orders over $95 (Canada and USA). You can feel safe knowing that we got you covered because it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You'll love the size you chose but if for any reason you want to return for an exchange, you have that freedom to choose.

      Traditional women's bjj gis are often made with less durable materials, lack functionality, and can be downright unattractive. 

      Most women's bjj gear is either made for looks or durability but not both. As a result, many ladies like you feel they have to sacrifice their safety or style when choosing what to wear on the mats.

      Submission Shark has created the perfect solution with our beautiful and functional women's jiu-jitsu gi. Your new gi is designed specifically for the female practitioners and features reinforced stitching, a comfortable fit, and an attractive design that will turn heads in the academy. Order your Submission Shark women's BJJ today! You won't regret it. 

      You deserve to finally feel what you've been missing...

      Women's Jiu-Jitsu Gis are hard to find, and the ones that do exist aren't very attractive.

      Submission Shark is a company dedicated to providing women with high-quality gi's designed specifically for their needs. We want every woman who practices jiu-jitsu to be safe and comfortable while wearing our products.

      Your new bjj gi is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton which means it will last through many washes without losing its shape or shrinking in size!

      The gi jacket comes with premium stitching on all stress points as well as reinforced seams throughout the entire garment including bottom hems on both sides of the pants so you can roll freely without having to worry about ripping your pants during training.

      Girls and women who train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rarely find a gi that is designed to fit their bodies.

      This leads to a less than ideal experience on the mats, which can be distracting and uncomfortable.

      Submission Shark has designed an incredible high-quality BJJ gi for women that maintains the traditional look of a classic jiu-jitsu uniform but with modern features such as shorter sleeves, shorter legs, higher waistline (to avoid wedgies), and more comfortable material choices.

      With our new BJJ Gi you will feel confident training at your academy or competing in tournaments knowing you are wearing the best fitting women's gi available anywhere!

      The Submission Shark Women's Gi comes in white, blue, and black colors along with sizes ranging from F0 through F5 making it easy for any woman to find her perfect fit.

      Most brands only offer one or two sizes that don't cater to an individual's body shape. Submission Shark is one of the well known brands that's worth to spend on to feel the fantastic difference.

      Defend against chokes and a defend against bad odor and staph and breathe with ease knowing that a quality and durable girls style gi with both the gi pants and gi jacket that meets your standards and is a good investment for your time on the tatami mat.

      Luxury BJJ Gis (Submission Shark)

      You can expect top-notch customer service

      Please contact us as we are ready to help answer any questions about sizing or other aspects of our products so you can get the most out of your experience.

      Have a good time with your life and get a grip and compete in fine luxury white, blue or black gi. Use the gi in competitions or in training sessions. Compete in world class attire with a gi jacket and gi pants that match.

      The Submission Shark Women's Gi is great for:

      • Women who want a gi with both the jacket and pants to fit well without it being too tight.
      • A Fair Price
      • Free shipping (USA and Canada)
      • Durable Materials
      • Multiple Size Options
      • Gi's where the jacket sleeves are built for women
      • Women that likes pretty branding 
      • Women who want gis that help with movement
      • Ladies that want a gi jacket to match the gi pants.

      Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) academies; competition; competition; women's classes; women's clubs; and any woman looking to get started in jiu-jitsu or take their skills to the next level!

      The Submission Shark Women's Gi is not recommended for:

      • Women who don't want to a gi that fits them well
      • Women who prefer to wear ugly jiu jitsu gear
      • Women who don't want a long lasting gi
      • Women who only train MMA (Browse Rash Guards Instead ~ Long Sleeves)
      • Women who don't want a gi jacket to match the gi pants (You can order just the pants ~ coming soon)

      Most women's bjj apparel is either too plain or not designed with the female chest in mind. This can lead to a lack of comfort and safety while grappling.

      Submission Shark has the perfect solution - your women's jiu-jitsu gi is both beautiful and functional. The design team has taken into account everything that makes a woman feel comfortable and safe while training, from the fit to the color palette.

      Your new women's bjj gi's are perfect for lightweight jiu jitsu training and serve well as competition attire as they have thick lapels with reinforced stitching tailored specifically with the perfect balance of lightweight material and heavy material.

      Submission Shark is the best choice with color options ranging in white, blue and black (More Coming Soon). They are the best women's bjj gis for female BJJ practitioners because they are quality built to last. They have a modern pattern that gives you the perfect fit, because let's face it, who wants to wear an ugly gi just be denied of having something that fits right?

      Submission Shark's (Ice Breaker) is the first gi in the Women's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi Collection.

      We want all women involved in BJJ sports training or casual self-defense to feel their best while working on techniques. For this reason, we strive to produce high-quality products that meet our customer needs while maintaining traditional design elements found in standard men's BJJ gis.

      It is designed to offer maximum comfort and fit, live up to the demands of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workouts and competitions. The best women's bjj gis comes with both the jacket and pants creating a complete style. They can also be worn for other martial arts like judo or karate.

      The Submission Shark Women's Gi allows easy grab when performing takedowns or other jiu-jitsu moves without it being too baggy. It has no unnecessary length so it doesn't get in your way during practice or matches. Have confidence as a women interested in sports like MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

      Women's BJJ Gi Ruby in a Women's BJJ Gi

      They are slim cut but still allows for a long-sleeve women's BJJ rash guard to comfortably be worn on the inside. Browse no-gi rash guards if your personal preference of training is different. No-gi pants / spats can also be worn on the inside of the gi.

      Women's Rash Guard Review (Long Sleeve)Women's No-Gi BJJ Rash Guards

      Submission Shark is designed for both fit women and ladies with any body type with tight sewing from stitching pros ensuring durability while maintaining comfort.

      Submission Shark's bjj gi for women is the right gi for you. You don't want a loose kimono while you are on the tatami mat.

      You can also order other martial arts equipment such as BJJ spats for women and unisex gis. The Submission Shark brand is the best on the market and will attract the best for you on the mat. Of course even beginners can be models of the brand because they are an affordable price and can be suitable for gold medalists or a white belt beginner.

      If you are working hard, making your mind to go to competitions like the pros but have found that it's hard to keep up with the price of tournaments, feel free to visit Submission Shark Sponsorship opportunities for support where we give a cut of sales to athletes. We love helping girls get on the tatami mat to showcase their passions, techniques and skills.

      Start competing in quality material that is durable, lightweight and has features that can withstand heavy use. owning more products like this means you can spend more time training in life and less time washing your bjj gi.

      Subscribe to our newsletter VIP club via email to receive updates on new products that practitioners like you would love. and gain access to even more affordable deals and the best price for gi's.

      It's an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a new BJJ gi as old gis can leave a smelling odor, even after washing.

      Submission Shark Jiu Jitsu sportswear is preshrunk so you don't have to have a first wash when you receive your new women's jiu jitsu gear.

      Sport a fresh and clean fashion and look beautiful while becoming empowered through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These designs are in limited edition and we only have a few left in each size.

      You don't want to lose out on experiencing this popular brand that is stretching to provide the best BJJ gis for the BJJ world.

      Ensure that you own the best gis on the market and start to hear lots of compliments. You can choose plenty of options that are pretty popular thanks to good reviews that features a gi that is a fair price. BJJ women like you have many reasons to be excited as the gi's are great for women that are beginners, blue belts, gold medalists and every skill level in between.

      Submission Shark is the best women's BJJ gift ideas because it is a popular choice in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community. Other Brazilian jiu-jitsu items in this store can be a top choice in the long run like slim cut no-gi pants.

      Danielle Kelly In Submission Shark Women's BJJ Spats

      The best BJJ practitioners train Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Submission Shark (Danielle Kelly)

      Women's BJJ Gi

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