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Brazilian jiu jitsu is like an evolving puzzle. Each practitioner you roll with has its steps to submissions. Each class is a labyrinth of new ideas and concepts. You may find the keys to unlocking a clean finish to some opponents but for others, it doesn’t work at all. Knowing your opponents and what works against them is important as you can begin to brainstorm solutions to this puzzle. But what if you don’t know anything about them? 

Is This How You Solve The Puzzle That Is BJJ?

Become self-aware during your Brazilian jiu jitsu training. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and understanding how to apply a strategy that factors your strengths can aid in gaining and maintaining a dominant position that leads to submission. 

Different academies will have different perspectives but perfecting the basics is always a great place to start. This is why consistent practice is crucial for developing great techniques and muscle memory that will allow you to execute the BJJ moves. The strategy of how you want to improve can be a puzzle in itself.

Jiu Jitsu Puzzle

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Find The Solution To Your BJJ Problems ASAP!

Having weaknesses in an area of your BJJ game can lead to common losses. As soon as you know which area of your grappling that you need to improve upon, the next steps would be to seek out expert guidance to fix any technical errors in your movements.

This can usually be accomplished through group lessons at your academy, however, private lessons with the best professor for you can help streamline this process by providing more attention to your problem.

If it wasn’t for the mutual respect and humility between these martial artists, It could be described as a death clock countdown between two highly intelligent individuals employing all their prior knowledge to discover their opponent's abilities before they learn and act on yours.

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Luckily in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you have the option to “tap out” and retry your attempt at this puzzle and with every loss comes a lesson. If you decide to choose the other option of not tapping out either physically or verbally, injuries will be on the horizon as this art involves self-defence through joint manipulation and circulation cut-offs. It's best to get your ego in check and realize you are a student in this maze and become humbled in the experience so that you can prevent an injury

Have you ever been stuck in someone's guard with no idea how to get out? 

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Sometimes you will be able to find the solutions to the problem on your own and pass the guard or secure a submission etc. but BJJ comes with a community. You don't have to be an outcast, alone and lost on the island of confusion.

With helpful instructors and insightful discussions with other practitioners, this brain-boggling puzzle doesn't have to be a lonely pursuit. It can and most often cases will create a sense of community and belonging in a common desire to solve the puzzle that is Brazillian jiu jitsu. 

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Is A Gift. It Makes Our Communities Better! Frank Ungaro's BJJ Story

Unfortunately, there is a certain mindset that will destroy your abilities to learn from others and that's having a big ego through frustration. You might find yourself being submitted plenty of times when you’re just starting BJJ. Will your ego be too weak to handle the realization that you aren’t the best, at least not yet? Or will you become humbled in the experience?

Is This Why BJJ Is So Much Fun?

Problem solvers and puzzle lovers will commonly develop a passion for this learning process as clues are now revealed and the desire to learn and unlock the keys to solve this puzzle is now possible. BJJ has been described as a healthy addiction by many of its practitioners. Let me know why you think Brazilian jiu-jitsu is so much fun in the comments below.

Jiu Jitsu Can Be A Puzzle That Distracts You From Other Problems

BJJ can help remove the overthinking of other life problems due to the amount of focus and problem solving needed to advance/survive in the moment of the sparring/competition session. Anxiety is commonly removed thanks to this art form due to both the benefits of jiu jitsu as well as forcing you to be in a situation where it can be difficult to worry about stress from work, family finances and other life occasions.

Although this martial art can have many of its practitioners puzzled with its vast amount of movement sequences and detailed techniques, it is still enjoyed by millions all around the world. Enjoy the process of solving the problems within BJJ but don’t forget to have fun with this sport and find fulfillment in the learning process. It can take a lifetime to solve the puzzle that is jiu-jitsu. Allow the time on the mats to enlighten your mind.

Being in a state of flow can help you progress as a practitioner and still promote a sense of enjoyment on the mats. Learning how to utilize this method in both training and everyday life can be a game-changer in your ability to solve problems and puzzles.

Flow State BJJ Training Chart

Many professional fighters and high performers have expressed the importance of this state of mind when solving problems because it allows the brain to work optimally with enjoyment and not stress.

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