Jiu Jitsu Saved Me From Alcohol Addiction and Anger Issues - Shaun's Story

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    shaun BJJ | Submission Shark

    Name: Shaun
    Age: 30
    Professor: Pedro Pacheco Fernandes
    Short Term Goals: Compete and win more international comps

    How long have you been doing jiu-jitsu for?

    Nearly 6 years

    Where do you train BJJ out of?

    Tukaha Jiu Jitsu New Zealand | Submission Shark

    Tukaha, New Zealand

    Do you prefer training in the BJJ gi or no-gi Jiu-Jitsu?


    Have your instructors helped you in other aspects of life other than jiu-jitsu?

    Just showing kindness and support. I've developed epilepsy at a young age which affected my ability to process and learn the speed of others...being patient helps

    What are some lessons you learned from jiu-jitsu that apply to everyday life?

    Life is a struggle ... Like a knee on the belly! Life weighs you down... Be patient and hip escape ;)... You can get away free

    How often do you train BJJ?

    3-6 times a week

    What made you want to start training?

    I wanted to be fit and learn self-defence to help my health and confidence

    Do you plan on training BJJ your whole life?


    What’s it about jiu-jitsu that makes it so addicting?

    You meet people from all walks of life... You all have issues but you come together... You can't bullshit each other. 

    What has jiu-jitsu done for your physical health?

    I had reoccurring weight issues and ripped my ACL.  The doctor told me I needed to keep being physically active to help my ACL.. plus learning to lose weight

    Has jiu-jitsu benefited your mental health?

    Absolutely...Jiu-jitsu allows me to restart my life and become confident in myself It helped me overcome the addiction of alcohol and manage my anger issues. I was a party addict with spending so much money on booze. Helped me overcome depression and challenge myself every day.
     Alcohol Addiction and How Jiu jitsu helped me overcome it

    If you could restart your jiu-jitsu journey, would you do anything differently?

    Wouldn't change anything. 

    What’s your advice for someone that’s never tried jiu-jitsu before but is interested in trying it?

    Want to gain confidence? Be physically fit and enjoy yourself doing it by learning not only martial arts... But learn how to handle life... Jiu-jitsu ...saved my life... Try it.
    Jiu Jitsu New Zealand | Submission Grappling

    Do you have any aspirations in jiu-jitsu?

    Black belt, world champ and to set up a gym for underprivileged children and women's self-defence in aid against domestic violence.

     Lucas Trautman Stardust Jiu-Jitsu: Empowering The Underprivileged Through Martial Arts | Lucas Trautman's Story

    What’s your favourite BJJ move?

    Jiu Jitsu Heelhook | Submission Shark

    Heel hooks

    If you didn’t discover jiu-jitsu, where do you think you’d be now?

    I'd hate to think where I was ... If I'd still be here.

    Would you like to see the sport become more mainstream?

    I like how it is now

    Has any of your training partners pushed you to reach your full potential?

    Jiu Jitsu Girls | Submission Shark

    Professor Pedro at Tukaha New Zealand and my teammates. Professor Yousuf Nabi at Element, UK

    When you were first starting, what was the most difficult concept of jiu-jitsu that you had trouble getting?

    Learning and retaining information

    What makes you want to inspire and motivate others?

    To help people 

    You post a lot of healthy foods on your Instagram page. What made you want to start eating healthy?

    Submission Shark Nutrition | Vegan Jiu Jitsu Shaun 

    Being fit for competing and showing people it's easy to transform your weight and health...plus I love food haha

    Does nutrition play a role in improving your overall performance in jiu-jitsu and in life in general?


    Mike Dolce | Jiu Jitsu Submission Shark Nutrition

    When I went to Vegas in September 2014 and mistaken Mike Dolce for a shop assistant.... Forgetting he is a UFC nutritionist

    What would you tell someone that wants to start living a healthier lifestyle but lacks the motivation and determination to make the change?

    Take up a sport you love, enjoy that challenges you .... Take small steps to change your diet gradually 

    Submission Shark BJJ Article Interviewer:

    Thanks for being a part of the Submission Shark Community Shaun! It was awesome getting to know you better and I love seeing your training videos and food posts. Keep up the good work and I am happy that jiu-jitsu helped you overcome some personal issues with your depression and wild party habits.
    I believe others can greatly benefit from your story and can be reminded that martial arts and being passionate about a healthy lifestyle can really make a difference in the overall quality of life. You are a perfect example of how anyone can turn their lives around. Very inspiring story, thanks again for sharing!

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    Has BJJ helped you overcome any unhealthy addictions? Let me know how it's helped you in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, check out how Justin Bachmann's story as he also used Brazilian jiu-jitsu to help him become sober. Learn some BJJ lifestyle hacks for some interesting tips to help you through your journey or browse the School of Sharks for a wide range of insightful martial arts articles.

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