What Should Women Wear To BJJ Class?

    Hey, ladies! If you're here, you're likely a beginner in the exciting world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and you're wondering what to wear. Fear not, because Submission Shark is here to guide you through the wardrobe choices for this sport.

    Submission Shark Women's BJJ Clothing

    In this article, we'll cover everything from what clothing to wear to how to style your hair and nails. We'll also have a VIP code for women's jiu-jitsu rash guards, BJJ gis, and training spats/leggings, so make sure to read all the way through.

    We know that starting something new can be daunting, and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible. So, let's dive in!

    Importance of Wearing Proper Clothing For Women's BJJ

    Ladies, it's time to get serious about your BJJ wardrobe choices. Not only will the right clothing make you look like an empowered role model, but it can also enhance your performance on the mat. Let's talk about why it's important to wear proper clothing for BJJ.

    Firstly, let's talk about comfort. BJJ is a physically demanding sport that involves a lot of grappling and groundwork. Wearing the wrong clothes can hinder your movement and leave you feeling uncomfortable and restricted. On the other hand, wearing proper sportswear apparel like Gis, and No-gi attire will fit your body type, helping you in feeling comfortable, and will allow you to move quickly during your training classes.

    Women's BJJ Rash Guard

    Secondly, wearing proper clothing can prevent injuries. Loose clothing, jewelry, and hair can all get caught in your opponent's grip, causing injury to yourself or your partner. Wearing the right clothing that fits snugly and doesn't have any excess material can help prevent these accidents from happening.

    With this being said, it's important to remove any jewelry or watches before starting a BJJ class. Piercings can also be uncomfortable when grappling, so it's best to remove them before training.

    Lastly, wearing proper clothing can boost your confidence. Let's face it, looking and feeling good can do wonders for your mental game. Investing in quality BJJ gear that you feel comfortable and confident in can help you perform better and feel more confident on the mat.

    Shop Ladies BJJ Gear

    The idea of 'Dopamine Dressing' is a new fashion concept that psychologists have explored, and it's all about wearing clothes that make you feel great. Submission Shark's BJJ gear is the perfect way to try something new while enjoying the style and colors that you are most comfortable with. Whether it be bold and bright or minimalistic and subtle, Submission Shark has got you covered. Look uniquely like yourself while fitting into the BJJ community with style!

    Different Types of BJJ Clothing For Women

    It's time to talk about the different types of clothing you can wear for your training sessions. We all know that grappling can be quite the workout, and it's hard to grapple when your clothes are falling off! So, let's dive in and make sure you've dressed appropriately.

    Rash Guard Under BJJ Gi

    First things first, it's important to clarify with your instructor what type of grappling class you will be taking. Will it be a gi grappling class or a free-style (no-gi) grappling class? This will determine what type of clothing you need to wear.

    If it's a gi grappling class, you'll need to buy your own gi or you'll be given a communal gi that's usually huge and never washed. Yikes! Trust us, you don't want to wear that. Some gyms may offer a new BJJ gi for a discounted price with your membership, so make sure to inquire about this. It can help support your instructor

    You can also buy a gi at any martial arts supply store but they may not be the correct gi for BJJ specifically. Instead, Submission Shark's BJJ gis (F sizes) are designed specifically for women and made from lightweight, comfortable material that will fit your body type.

    If it's a freestyle grappling class, you'll be able to wear a rash guard to cover the body. Rash guards are great because they stay on and won't slide around while you're grappling.

    Training In BJJ Gear

    If you're feeling a bit shy about grappling in a spandex shirt, no worries, just wear a t-shirt over it. But keep in mind that the t-shirt alone won't keep you fully covered, so we recommend wearing a sports bra underneath your rash guard just to be extra safe. These layers can heat up, so if going without a t-shirt is more comfortable, you can always do that too.

    Spats/leggings and shorts are also great options to wear while grappling. As long as they have a tight fit, they will not interfere with your movements and can keep you from feeling exposed. Let's go into more detail about why you should invest in quality no-gi BJJ clothing.

    High-Quality BJJ Rash Guards For Women

    Let's talk about one of the most essential pieces of clothing you'll need for training - the rash guard. First off, whether you train with or without a gi, you'll need a good rash guard. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, it helps protect your skin from scrapes and burns. Have you ever walked off the mat with a gnarly mat burn on your arm or leg? Yeah, not fun. A rash guard acts as a barrier between your skin and the mat, reducing the chance of those pesky burns.

    BJJ Training Gear (Submission Shark)

    A rash guard also keeps your body warm and your muscles supple while grappling. This is especially important if you're training in a colder environment or during the winter months. And let's not forget about style - there are so many cute and trendy rash guards out there for women. From bold patterns to fun prints, you can find a rash guard that not only protects you but also lets your personality shine through.

    So, ladies, invest in a good rash guard. Trust us, your skin and muscles will thank you. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to add some stylish workout gear to their wardrobe?

    High-Quality BJJ Spats For Women

    Sure, they can help keep your legs warm during those chilly training sessions, but they do so much more than that. Spats are basically like leggings for BJJ - they cover your entire leg, which means they help keep you covered while grappling and prevent skin-on-skin contact or clothing from getting caught. This makes it easier to transition quickly between moves, which can be helpful if you have a fast-paced class.

    Submission Shark BJJ Spats

    But spats also have other benefits. They provide an extra layer of protection between your skin and your opponent's as well as the mats, reducing the chance of skin burns and scrapes. Plus, they're designed to be stretchy and form-fitting, which means they won't get in the way of your movements during training. And let's be real - they look pretty attractive too.

    But don't just take our word for it. Try out a pair of BJJ spats for yourself and feel the difference. You'll wonder how you ever trained without them.

    How To Choose The Right BJJ Clothing For Women

    While board shorts and a t-shirt might work for your first few classes, if you plan on sticking with BJJ (which we highly recommend), you'll need to upgrade your wardrobe.

    Submission Shark BJJ Gi

    First and foremost, you'll need to invest in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi. This is the standard uniform for BJJ, and it consists of a jacket and pants made from a durable, lightweight fabric. It's important to make sure your Gi doesn't have any pockets, belt loops, or baggy fabrics - these can be dangerous during training and can give your opponent an unfair advantage.

    When it comes to rash guards and spats, make sure to choose ones that fit snugly and won't get in the way of your movements. Look for high-quality materials that are designed to wick away sweat and prevent chafing. And don't be afraid to show off your personal style - there are plenty of stylish and fun options out there for women's BJJ apparel.

    Shop Women's BJJ Gear

    Ultimately, the key is to find clothing that is comfortable, durable, and safe for training. So, take your time, do your research, and invest in high-quality gear that will help you excel on the mats.

    Tips For Styling Hair For BJJ Class

    Let's face it, hair is just another opponent when you’re training BJJ. You’ll be rolling around on the mat, and your hair will be caught in a chokehold before you know it. That's why it's important to think ahead and plan for your hair.

    One of the most popular hairstyles for BJJ is the high ponytail. This keeps your hair out of your face and also prevents it from getting tangled up with your opponent’s. Plus, it's a classic look that will never go out of style.

    Another option is to rock some braids. Not only is it a fun look, but it will also keep your hair under control and away from your opponent's hands. And who knows, maybe you'll even intimidate them with your fierce braided pigtails.

    If you’re feeling fancy, try French-style braids or cornrows. These styles are not only practical, but they also look great! Just be aware that it may take some practice to perfect the braiding technique.

    No matter what hairstyle you choose, make sure it’s secure and won't come undone during training. Trust us, you don't want to be grappling with one hand while trying to fix your hair with the other. The video below goes into more detail about how to wear your long hair!

    Importance of Keeping Nails Trimmed During BJJ

    If you're planning on getting into BJJ, here's a pro tip: keep those nails trimmed! We're not talking "kinda short", we're talking "shorter-than-a-Kindergarten-science-class-lecture" short. Those talons have got to go if you want to avoid accidentally scratching up your training partner during a roll. Plus, long nails are a liability when it comes to grappling. They're just begging to break or bend back and hurt you in the process.

    Keeping your nails trimmed isn't just good etiquette, it's also a sign of respect for your fellow teammates. You wouldn't want to be the reason someone couldn't train for a week because you accidentally gave them a gnarly scratch. So, do yourself and your training partners a favor, and make sure those nails are as short as possible before stepping onto the mat.

    Makeup and BJJ: Do's and Don'ts

    We all want to look good on the mats, but makeup and BJJ just don't mix. Sure, you might be able to sneak in some mascara and eyeliner without anyone noticing once you start grappling, it's going to smear and smudge all over the place. And don't even get us started on foundation. That stuff will leave unsightly stains on your rash guard or spandex shirt.

    So, do yourself a favor and avoid makeup during training. Instead, focus on your jiu-jitsu skills and leave the makeup for after class. And if you do happen to have makeup on before class, make sure to pack some makeup wipes in your jiu-jitsu bag so you can remove them before getting on the mats. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's still good practice to keep your skin clean and free from makeup during training.

    Benefits of Investing In Quality BJJ Gear

    Investing in top-notch BJJ gear is just like investing in a quality car: it may appear costly at first, but will ultimately save you money over time. It'll not only get you to where you need to go be show up in style but will also help keep you safe on the mats. High-end rash guards, spats, and gis are made of supportive material that won't tear easily. Not to mention, they often come with extra features like antimicrobial coating and reinforced stitching.

    First of all, quality gear is more durable, so you won't have to replace it as often. This means you'll save money in the long run because you won't have to keep buying new gear every few months.

    Quality gear is also more comfortable, which is important when you're rolling around on the mat for hours. Good BJJ gear is made from high-quality materials that wick away sweat, are breathable, and don't restrict your movement. This means you'll be able to train longer and harder without getting uncomfortable or overheated.

    Finally, investing in quality gear shows that you're serious about your training. It's like wearing a nice formal suit to a job interview or a formal dress to a wedding. When you wear nice gear, people take you more seriously and treat you with respect. It shows that you're respectful while still expressive in your own unique style.

    Express yourself with BJJ Gear

    Good gear will make you feel more confident, which will help you perform better on the mat. So go ahead and splurge on that fancy gi or those high-end spats - it'll be worth it in the end!

    BJJ Gear Options For Youth and Kids

    If you are shopping for your daughters or girls in your family, look no further. Our range of BJJ gear for kids is perfect for young grapplers who are looking to practice their jiu-jitsu in style.

    Girls BJJ Spats

    We have a variety of rash guards and spats that are designed to provide comfort and flexibility while training. Our youth BJJ gis is also made of lightweight fabrics that won't restrict their movement and are easy to take on and off. Whether they are a young teen or still in elementary school, we are sure to have something they will love.

    Plus, don't forget to use our special discount code at checkout – DRESSWELL for 10% off your purchase today! Gear up, get out there, and enjoy the mats!

    Happy training!! 🦈🤩

    Final Thoughts (Summary)

    In conclusion, women should wear clothing that allows them to move freely and comfortably during BJJ training. This includes a rash guard or compression shirt, spats or leggings, and a well-fitting Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi. A sports bra can also provide extra support and comfort.

    When it comes to hair, opt for styles like high ponytails, pigtails, or braids that keep your hair managed and safe from hair pulling. And don't forget to keep your nails trimmed short to avoid injuring your training partners.

    While makeup might be tempting, it's best to avoid it during training to prevent smudging and staining on your training partners' gear. Investing in superior BJJ gear is always a wise decision to guarantee resilience, comfortability, and sanitary practices.

    For youth and kids, Submission Shark also has a range of BJJ gear for kids to choose from. Remember, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in your clothing, so you can focus on improving your BJJ skills and having fun on the mat.

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