20 Simple Training Tips To Become A Better Martial Artist!

    Most people would agree that knowing simple training tips can help a martial artist become better on their journey. Knowing and applying these simple tips to your lifestyle may be the difference-maker between being an average version of yourself and transforming your abilities to reach the next level of your pursuit.

    Whether you're trying to be the next Jon Jones of MMA, Gordan Ryan of No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu or simply would like to just be a better version of yourself applying these ideas can help you improve. In this article, I am going to show you 20 simple training tips to become a better martial artist.

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    1. Show Up Early


    Time management is something that can easily be improved upon with proper planning. Keep your equipment ready before you leave to ensure you aren't walking awkwardly joining a class in the middle of an instruction. Give yourself plenty of time by preparing your equipment to ensure you aren't arriving late. Every minute you miss of training/learning, adds up.

    2. Eat Healthier

    Healthy Food

    The nutrients you consume has a direct impact on multiple aspects of productivity and recovery. Focus better by eating an optimal diet. Check out our nutrition page for more insightful articles and healthy recipes and follow @submission.shark.nutrition to stay updated on simple ways you can improve the quality of your meals to help support an active lifestyle.

    3. Improve Mobility

    Having a better range of motion allows you to apply more techniques and movements. Diversify your transitions and attacks with a more mobile body. Improve your athletic performance by implementing an effective mobility routine for your weekly training regiment.

    4. Listen To Podcasts

    Listening to a podcast can help you learn while you are busy doing chores. Make the most of your time by listening to The Grappling Central Podcast. If you aren't an avid reader, feel free to tune into podcasts that are filled with meaningful conversions around topics you enjoy.

    5. Sleep Smarter


    Sleep should not be neglected if you want to be a functional human being. Improve your learning and performance with better sleep. Essentially all aspects of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are either improved or harmed based on your sleeping habits. Injuries have been shown to be more prevalent as well in practitioners and fighters that lack quality sleep. 

    6. Practice More

    Repetition can help create "muscle memory" allowing you to effortlessly remember and utilize knowledge when it's most needed. They say practice makes perfect for a reason. Put in the time and effort to master your craft. Drilling the same moves over and over again may seem like a chore but it will help your brain process and employ the right strategies and techniques in a timely matter when you need it the most.

    7. Improve Hygiene

    Be a good training partner. Keep yourself clean and avoid illness by showering before and after training with eco-friendly natural soaps. Ordering extra apparel can help with laundry days. Keeping nail clippers in your gym bag is also a great idea. Having a separate bag for your water bottles, mouth guards, glasses etc. can be a great way to lower the chances of harmful bacteria from your workouts entering your body. Utilizing our natural anti-odour bags can also be an effective way of keeping your equipment smelling fresh and decreasing harmful microorganisms build up in your jiu-jitsu gi, boxing gloves or any other training equipment.

    8. Hydrate Yourself


    Staying hydrated is a simple yet effective way to prevent headaches and brain fog. Focus better and ensure a healthy training session by making sure you are drinking plenty of water. Remove mental blocks and let your full potential out. Lemon water and sea salt is a great way to quickly provide your body with essential hydrating electrolytes. If you practice jiu-jitsu, boxing, MMA, wrestling or any other physical activity, it is even more imperative that you hydrate yourself as these sports are known to cause a lot of sweating leading to higher rates of dehydration.

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    9. Include A Yoga Practice


    Yoga has many benefits, including recovery, mobility, flexibility and stress. Developing a yoga routine can help with multiple aspects of life, especially if you train Jiu-Jitsu.

    10. Stress Less


    Too much stress, both physical and mental can dramatically harm productivity and improvement. Find a healthy stress reliever and stay disciplined in practicing it to help focus on your goals. Some common stress-relieving techniques may include yoga, breathwork, meditation, walking, writing, cooking, and doing things you love.

    Many of you will find stress relief through combat sports and martial arts. Punching and kicking a heavy bag or rolling in your new Submission Shark jiu-jitsu/BJJ gi can be a fun way to let go of mental stress. However, overtraining can lead to physical stress as well. Learning how to prevent and recover from overtraining can help you become the best martial artist you can be.

    11. Improve Your Mindset


    Feed your brain with books, seminars, DVDs or any other resources. Follow social media accounts that help you stay motivated on your goals. Meditation can work wonders. If you prefer reading or listening, check out the rest of our articles for more insightful information.

    12. Ask Questions

    Question Mark

    Don't lose opportunities to learn and grow due to shyness. Some practitioners love to share and sometimes all it takes is a question to acquire groundbreaking knowledge. Asking questions is one of the most simple and effective ways of learning. Taking advantage of being an active student is a great way to grow as a martial arts practitioner.

    13. Teach More

    Teaching can help improve your memory as it makes you look at the knowledge in a different way. Passing on your intelligence can help new students progress and love the art/sport even more as well as improve upon your own skills. Learning how to teach can take your mental sharpness to the next level. This is especially effective in combat sports such as jiu-jitsu as it forces you to visualize and repeat the movements in your mind before demonstrating to others.

    14. Improve Your Flexibility

    Being flexible is helpful for both injury prevention and being able to execute movements with more ease. Allow your body to be at its full potential by improving your flexibility. Stretching after training can be a great way to improve your flexibility and can help you in multiple physical activities including jiu-jitsu, muay thai, boxing, MMA, etc.

    15. Recover Better

    Optimized recovery should never be neglected if you are an active person. Ensure your longevity in combat sports by focusing on recovery after training. Showing up to class both mentally and physically worn out can hinder your ability to retain important information as well as practice to your full potential.

    16. Take Calculated Risks

    Take Risks

    Taking risks can sometimes be the reason for extreme growth. Each action comes with its own risks and potential failures but if you do your research, you can influence risks to your advantage.

    17. Express Yourself

    Being afraid to be yourself can limit your creativity and true potential. Share your inspiration with others and don't be afraid to express yourself. Martial arts is an art form. Let your spirit speak while training, competing or teaching.

    18. Take Notes

    Taking notes after classes and seminars can be a great way to retain your new-found knowledge. Make the best of your practices by making notes in an Elevata notebook. 

    19. Have Fun and Flow

    Submission Shark Friends

    Doing what you love is crucial when it comes to being productive and improving. Being bored and stressed can both harm your growth but being inflow, is the perfect balance that leads to happiness, creativity and progression.

    20. Upgrade Your Gear

    Some brand new clothing won't automatically make you a better martial artist, but it can help you stay organized and prepared for multiple training sessions throughout the week. 

    Express yourself and align yourself with an apparel brand that represents something that you're passionate about and helps keep you motivated and inspired to accomplish your goals. Follow @submission.shark on Instagram for more great content.

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    Want more training tips? Make sure to check out this article written by Nattie Boss, A BJJ Brown Belt from Riberio Jiu-Jitsu Philly. We discuss the 4 most crucial areas where you need structure in your life as an athlete.

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