Shopping BJJ Gear for Jiu Jitsu Kids? Avoid These Mistakes!

Shopping for jiu jitsu gear can be difficult, especially when you are shopping for others. Jiu jitsu kids are no exception when it comes to finding the best BJJ clothing for them. Whether you are searching for a kids jiu jitsu gi or youth BJJ gear, it can be a nightmare knowing what would be the perfect purchase for your BJJ kids. In this article, I am going to outline some common mistakes that are made when shopping for kids BJJ gi and youth jiu jitsu gear.

Shopping For BJJ Gear Designs That Your Jiu Jitsu Kids Will Love

As adults, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly which styles BJJ kids prefer. That’s why reading BJJ gear reviews from other kids can help you make a better decision. Shopping from jiu jitsu brands that offer a wide variety of colours and sizes can help you to select the perfect choice as well. Below are a few pictures of BJJ kids loving their Submission Shark jiu jitsu apparel. These can be a great reference for your next gift idea.

Read Kids Jiu Jitsu Gi and BJJ Gear Reviews Written By Other BJJ Kids


Two BJJ kids practicing fun jiu jitsu drills in a Submission Shark Jiu Jitsu Gi

Here are just a few jiu jitsu gear reviews from other BJJ kids. Make sure to leave your BJJ and MMA gear reviews after your purchase to help others decide as well. 

Ordering The Correct Sizes For Youth Martial Arts Wear and Kids Jiu Jitsu Gi

Shark Frenzy BJJ Gi Review

It can take a long time to master a martial art, but kids grow up quick. It’s important to take note of what your child’s current size is as you wouldn’t want to order a size too small. Make sure to view the brand’s recommended size charts to get a better understanding of what the best selections are for your martial arts kids.  

kids gi sizes from smallest to largest are M1, M2, M3 and M4. Some brands will offer different descriptions and recommendations for their sizes. The best idea would be to measure other well-fitting apparel and compare them with the youth gi size chart.

If you or your jiu jitsu kids are taller than 5’5 and weigh more than 115lb, you should consider shopping for an adult size gi for a better fit. If you happen to grow out of your BJJ gi, consider reselling them for a great price. This can be done effectively with rare and limited edition jiu jitsu gis. It can also be donated to excellent non-profits such as Project X Guard where they sponsor at-risk youths into effective BJJ classes.

Template for Submission Shark kids gi sizes

kids/Youth BJJ/Jiu-Jitsu Gi Size Chart


Height (Feet & In)

Weight (lbs)


3'8"-4'2" 45-60


4'3"-4'8" 60-75


4'9"-4'11" 75-95


5'0"-5'5" 95-115
Size (In) Wing Span (C) Chest Width (B) Jacket Length (A) Pant Waist (I) Pant Length (J)
M1 46 19 23 19 27
M2 49 20 25 20 29
M3 52 21 27 21 31
M4 55 22 29 22 33

Support BJJ brands that offer fair size exchanges for their kids BJJ Gi and Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards

When ordering online, you want to check their return policies just in case you select the wrong size. The best BJJ brands understand that mistakes happen. It’s helpful to shop kids BJJ gi and youth jiu jitsu rash guards from BJJ clothing stores that offer premium quality service. If you are concerned about the sizing of a product, you can feel free to contact customer support for more guidance on your purchases. 

Shop Best Quality MMA Gear and Kids Jiu Jitsu Gi

Jiu Jitsu kids are awesome. Show your support for their hard work by making sure their apparel is of great quality to ensure their safety on the mats. kid’s jiu jitsu rash guards and kid’s BJJ spats are great protection against mat burns which could lead to bacterial infections. Having a sporty BJJ gi that can last a long time will be more cost-effective in the long run. 

Although BJJ is one of the safest martial arts, some contact is still involved and ordering jiu jitsu gear made out of poor fabric can be a common problem when shopping for new grappling wear. When purchasing BJJ gear, it is important to take into account quality.

An affordable BJJ gi should still be made out of premium quality and last throughout your martial arts journey so you don’t have to purchase poorly designed cheap BJJ gis regularly when they begin to break.

"I have purchased a limited edition Gi for my Granddaughter on 2/19/20 (Which she loves). I am completely satisfied with my purchase as well. I believe the Gi is well worth the price I paid for it."

- Steve Mcfann

Where To Shop Premium Jiu Jitsu Gear For BJJ Kids

Jiu Jitsu Girl in a Submission Shark BJJ Rash Guard

Occasionally you might be able to find a BJJ warehouse locally but you most likely will find yourself paying a higher price. It can be a better decision to shop online to receive better deals on BJJ gis and jiu jitsu clothing. The best BJJ gi is the ones with only 5-star reviews. This collection features the best kids jiu jitsu gi that you can find.

Researcher's Report ~ The best martial arts for kids. Do you agree?

After reading the shocking report above, you should have a better understanding of which martial arts is best for your kids. If you decide to continue with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, feel free to browse and shop Submission Shark BJJ gear and kids jiu jitsu gi.

Shop Kids BJJ Gi


Submission Shark’s youth and kids BJJ gis are in limited supply. Act fast before they are all gone and make sure to use the hashtag #submissionshark on social media to get featured on our page and enter a contest to win gifts and giveaways.

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BJJ Gi Review from a jiu jitsu kid

Shop Youth BJJ Rash Guards and Youth Jiu Jitsu Spats To Wear Under The BJJ Gi or for No-Gi Grappling

Now that you know what to avoid when shopping for jiu jitsu kids, I’d suggest you check out the definitive guide to jiu jitsu rash guards and jiu jitsu spats reviews to help you get an even better understanding of your new BJJ gear. Pair your kids BJJ gi with adult or teen martial arts wear and receive even better deals and delivery discounts. 


Submission Shark has a quick shipping option so you can enjoy the items faster. Check out the School or Sharks section where you can browse through a large selection of BJJ blogs and martial arts articles to keep you entertained and educated while you wait for your kids jiu jitsu gi and other items to arrive. You are now one step closer to selecting the perfect jiu jitsu gear for your BJJ kids.

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