Should BJJ Be An Essential Service? ~ Jiu Jitsu Discussion

    If you are a BJJ practitioner or know someone that trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I think you will understand how much of a positive benefit it has on both mental and physical health. In this article, we dive deeper into data, interviews from martial artists as well as multiple perspectives to determine if Brazilian jiu jitsu should be an essential service.

    By the end of this article, you will be able to make an educated choice when deciding if this martial art is essential for you and your loved ones.

    In 2020, the world began suffering from an unprecedented event. Many gyms have been forced to close due to a pandemic, leaving millions of martial artists without a place to practice what they love. This is a deep dive that will explore many aspects of jiu-jitsu that can be applied even after this global event and the importance of BJJ for a society.

    How BJJ Plays A Role In The Recovery Process

    Integration back into a community is a role that Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be a part of. With months of social isolation, a return back into normalcy would be needed. It has been shown in this study conducted in 2018 that more than 20,000 U.S adults are considered lonely. Below you will see how dangerous this can be.

    Along with helping with loneliness, BJJ can be a helpful practice for combating other health risks such as obesity. A regular fitness routine can dramatically improve wellbeing. See how this BJJ practitioner lost over 100lbs thanks to this martial art.

    Weight Loss From BJJ

    Proper safety guidelines have been placed in many gyms already and the resilience shown by gym owner and BJJ coaches is astonishing. Keep reading to find out how instructors have pivoted their practice to still benefit their students.

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    “Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a gift. It makes our communities better!” - Frank Ungaro

    Jiu Jitsu Helps With Socialization After Isolation?

    Submission Shark BJJ Group in Jiu Jitsu T-Shirts

    Being isolated from others can have serious consequences. It has been discovered that loneliness increases your risk of death by 26%. Being a part of a social community can help motivate you to reach your goals and receive helpful support for other aspects of life. 

    Having a strong support system can help both children and adults gain new lifelong friends and lower levels of anxiety for stressful events. Below is two quotes from Raina Tumminello, a youth BJJ practitioner training out of Essential Jiu Jitsu in New York.

    “Yes, I get really nervous before tournaments but the more I do the better I have been able to deal with it. I tend to talk to myself a lot when I get closer to the match. To make it better, I try to become friends with the kids that show up at the same tournaments."
    Raina BJJ Girl
    "Its usually the same kids at every major event so I become Instagram friends with them so I can talk to them the next tournament. It gives me familiar faces to talk to when I go. I also think the more tournaments you do the less nervous you get.”

    Socializing can be a difficult task for some people. Surrounding yourself with others that share the same passion as you can tremendously lower levels of loneliness and after many months or even years without much social interaction. The BJJ community can provide this. In this article, we explored how beneficial BJJ can be for helping children become more sociable.

    BJJ Kids In Submission Shark Jiu-Jitsu T-Shirts

    Loneliness has also been shown to be more harmful to your health than obesity. Brazilian jiu-jitsu has the ability to address and solve both these problems. 

    Continue reading to find out how…

    What Are The Physical Benefits of BJJ?

    The physical benefits of Brazilian jiu-jitsu are hard to ignore. There are countless stories of BJJ practitioners losing a healthy amount of weight and gain a better level of fitness through this martial art. Even when training by yourself, you are able to train and get in better shape!

    Jack Mcneely Training BJJ drills at home in Submission Shark BJJ Gi Pants

    Physical exercise is a large benefit for mental health and martial arts such as jiu jitsu techniques requires a fair amount of movement which commonly leads to a strong workout in all muscles in the body. Consistent training with proper guidance can surely help even the most uncoordinated newcomers gain new skills and better fitness.  

    Does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Help With Mental Health?

    After publishing many interviews with BJJ practitioners about the benefits of jiu-jitsu for mental health, it can be seen how impactful this art form can be. Here are a few answers from the Submission Shark community when asked: Has BJJ Benefited Your Mental Health?

    Stevie Singh Smiling In A White BJJ Gi

    “It has saved my life, I was close to suicide and my coach had me start teaching lower belts weekly and it brought me back and gave me purpose. My 9-year-old daughter is the other reason, so yes jiu jitsu saved my life and does daily.~ Stevie Singh

    Iman Gatti In A BJJ Gi

    “I have a long history of childhood trauma and live with complex- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) for the past 30 plus years and Jiu Jitsu has helped more than any therapy I have ever taken.“ ~ Iman Gatti

    Eric Training BJJ with his friend

    It definitely keeps me sane. I went through a divorce and I know for a fact that it kept me on the right track. ~ Eric Falstrault

    How BJJ Gyms Thrived Through Difficult Times

    As a martial artist, it was absolutely heartbreaking to see the anguish gym owners had to deal with when the reality of a shut down emerged. If you’ve been following the Submission Shark community blogs, you will understand how much of an impact these BJJ leaders have on their students. However, It seemed as though some coaches and gym owners entered the flow state and adjusted their practice to continue to safely bring Brazilian jiu-jitsu to those that needed it.

    Here’s How They Continued To Share BJJ:

    • Online Jiu Jitsu Classes
    • Private Lessons
    • Small-Group Training
    • Articles & Blogs
    • Instructional Videos

    What’s Next For The Jiu Jitsu Community?

    Like many small communities, the future can be uncertain. Some gyms have unfortunately closed down while others are thriving through their online classes and other resources. The momentum looked strong for growth in this martial art with many BJJ beginners entering the sport and professional athletes gaining more attention. 

    What are your thoughts on this? How will the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community recover after this event and do you believe it should be considered an essential service over the coming months? How do you continue your jiu jitsu training when you are unable to attend a gym?

    If you are still unaware of the life-saving benefits BJJ has for its practitioners, please consider reading these jiu jitsu stories for more real-life examples and shop Submission Shark jiu jitsu gear to help support these articles.

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