Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards ~ The Definitive Guide (BJJ For Beginners)

    Wearing BJJ rash guards have become popular within the Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA community. You might have seen this protective clothing worn in both gi jiu-jitsu and no-gi BJJ. The problem with jiu jitsu rash guards or BJJ compression shirts is that many beginners do not know the importance of wearing one and how to shop for the best option for themselves.

    This will be a clear guide on everything you need to know about BJJ rash guards and where to buy the best jiu jitsu clothing for your martial arts journey.

    What Are BJJ Rash Guards Made Out Of?

    The market is filled with different blends of fabric but the most popular and effective ones are typically made from polyester and spandex. This will allow for a durable stretch for maximum comfort.

    BJJ rash guards made with flat seams can also be a key factor to look out for when shopping for a new BJJ or MMA rash guard because this feature helps it glide on top of the skin reducing friction and painful burns.

    How To Shop For Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards

    When shopping for a BJJ rashguard, you’d want to ensure that the graphics are made with non-toxic inks. Many BJJ brands might ignore CPSIA-compliant policies leading to potential harms on the environment. Supporting jiu-jitsu and MMA brands that promote cleaner production and product can be a great start.

    Black Panther Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards from Submission Shark BJJ brand

    One of the top priorities for BJJ rash guards should be of premium quality. 

    Not all BJJ rash guards are built the same. Some brands use poor quality stitching causing an uncomfortable fit. A baggy sweatshirt or hoodie doesn’t have the same fit and comfort requirements as a jiu-jitsu rash guard because this piece of training equipment essentially hugs your body. This can be a blissful and comfortable experience or a restricting choking one. 

    Josh Leduc at North River BJJ in a red submission shark rash guard

    "I like the quality and fit, not too flashy, just a solid quality product all around." - Josh L.

    When shopping for BJJ rash guards, choose one with stretchy fabric. This allows for less stress on the stitching areas and allows for better comfort as well. You’d want to support a brand that supports your training by offering durable BJJ gear along with a fair refund policy in case you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

    Train in comfort by choosing the correct Jiu Jitsu rash guards and the BJJ brand for you. 

    Reading reviews from a brand’s past customers can be a great way to understand how well the fit will be before making a purchase. It is also important to shop from a store that displays size charts and offers size exchanges just in case you order a size too large or too small. 

    Shop for a rash guard set or pair with kid’s BJJ rashguards.

    If you train with a partner or your family, it can also be beneficial to order all your BJJ rashguards from one jiu jitsu clothing shop. The reason for this is because some BJJ brands offer a reward or free shipping when you reach a certain purchasing threshold. Ordering all your rash guards and pairing with MMA spats can help you save in the long run and become a great investment for long term training.

    BJJ brothers wearing Submission Shark rash guards at Swamp Fox Jiu Jitsu

    What Is A Fair Price For A Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard?

    Like most cases, you get what you paid for. Cheap BJJ rash guard discounts can be found on many jiu-jitsu stores but it’s important to know how long it will last. A high-quality 80 dollar jiu jitsu rashguard that lasts a lifetime will be much more cost-effective than a poor fitting 20 dollars one that you won’t wear often and rips after a few training sessions. 

    High-Quality White Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards

    "Super comfortable and very high-quality material." - Brandon W.

    Due to the nature of combat sports, it would only make sense to spend a little more to gain the best quality you can find. If the prices are outside of your budget, make sure to subscribe to any newsletters brand might offer to be notified on any no-gi jiu jitsu gear or BJJ gi sale. Some premium BJJ and MMA brands can offer easy entry into sponsorship programs as well. Make sure to apply if you are interested in receiving bjj gear for a discount and cash rewards for referrals.

    Choosing The Correct Size When Shopping For BJJ Rash Guards

    Selecting the size for your new rash guard can be an important decision. Make sure to always measure your dimensions and compare them with prior rash guards or clothing to match the size chart provided by the brand. It can be helpful to shop from a BJJ store that has exceptional service for an accurate response to any sizing questions. 

    Some BJJ practitioner prefers their rash guards to be snug and tight-fitting while others prefer looser styles. Due to the specific preferences, it can be difficult to know which rash guard would be perfect for you. A helpful way to decide the ideal BJJ rash guard would be to choose one that offers a soft 4-way stretch to mould any preference of style. 

    Mackenzie competing in a red Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard from Submission Shark BJJ brand

    Many rash guards are unisex but if a brand offers women’s rash guard tops, men’s short-sleeve and long-sleeve jiu-jitsu rash guards, youth jiu jitsu rash guards and kid’s compression shirts, that would help narrow down the perfect fit for you.

    Preferences To BJJ Rash Guards

    As mentioned earlier in this jiu-jitsu rashguard guide, quality is important along with the best environmental practices. Once a brand has qualified and made all the requirements on the checklist, it’s up to you to decide which design and art styles you prefer. 

    Limited edition jiu jitsu rash guards

    Some practitioners prefer simple designs while others enjoy intricate and bold art pieces. Collectors may even enjoy the thrill of owning and training in limited-edition releases. This last step of the shopping decision is ultimately up to you and having a BJJ gear store that caters to multiple styles can be a fair way for you to support a brand while receiving the art and functionality you desire. 

    How to clean jiu jitsu rash guards and remove odour from old grappling rash guards.

    Hygiene is crucial when it comes to being a great training partner. Bad hygiene can be dangerous due to a raised potential for bacterial infections. An effective way to ensure your safety and maintain enjoyment while training is to wash your rash guard immediately after your BJJ classes.

    Here is a guide to washing Submission Shark jiu-jitsu rash guards. 

    Step-by-step Instructions:

    Step 1. Flip Inside Out

    Step 2. Wash With Similar Colours

    Step 3. Machine Wash Cold

    Step 4. Delicate Wash Setting

    Step 5. Hang/Air Dry

    Warning Notice:




    After multiple laundry loads, you might realize it can help save a lot of time by owning more rash guards and BJJ spats to allow for larger loads weekly rather than multiple small loads throughout the week. This simple BJJ lifestyle hack can help save a lot of time, especially as you begin to train more. Other than keeping your jiu jitsu rash guards clean, you’d want to know these simple ideas to help make your BJJ rash guards last longer.

    If you decide to wear a rash guard under your BJJ gi, you would want to know how to wash the gi as well. Washing BJJ gis requires different care and it’s important to know how to care for it properly. This guide will demonstrate how to wash your jiu jitsu gi and BJJ belts.

    What Are The Differences Between MMA Rash Guards and Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guards?

    There isn’t a difference in the actual rash guard itself as they are both designed for grappling and combat sports. This subtitle name difference can be used for the specific sport that is being practiced rather than a differentiator between the item. 

    What is the main function of BJJ rash guards?

    They both play the same role in combating disease and promote better hygiene, less mat and friction burns as well as providing a warm and comfortable buffer allowing for faster warm-ups in gi jiu-jitsu. It is also the main martial arts apparel for no-gi BJJ which many MMA fighters train as it is more sport-specific than training grappling in a jiu jitsu gi. 

    Why Do Some Fighters Wear Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards Under The BJJ Gi?

    As you begin to train gi jiu jitsu, you might notice other practitioners wearing rash guards under their gis. This is a cleanliness policy amongst many gyms because the rash guard creates an absorbent material to sweat. Although the BJJ gi can cover a majority of the body, the chest and stomach can sometimes be exposed and having your skin exposed to other practitioner’s skin directly can be an easy way for skin infections to spread. 

    Submission Shark BJJ Gi

    Some jiu jitsu gyms will require it’s students to wear a rash guard under their gi while others may not enforce this rule. You need to ask and do your research on the specific rules of your training facility. 

    Where To Buy BJJ rash guards and other MMA Gear?

    You can find rash guards in many local retail fight stores, however, you might want to try ordering them directly from your favourite brand’s websites for lower prices and guaranteed authenticity of your item. BJJ rash guards are lightweight and typically won’t cost much in terms of shipping due to this fact.

    If you have no experience shopping for jiu-jitsu gear or would like to upgrade your options, check out these helpful BJJ rash guard reviews to help you make the best buying decision. 

    Searching for MMA gear online can be a great idea and you can’t go wrong with shopping at premium BJJ brands such as Submission Shark where you can often find premium quality as well as other MMA gear apparel.

    Prefer gi jiu-jitsu over no-gi training? Learn more about what a BJJ Gi is and what to look for when shopping for one.

    If you are looking to complete your compression set, I’d highly suggest you see more reviews on no-gi bjj gear as well as visiting this definitive guide on BJJ spats. Now that you know the importance of the BJJ rash guard, I hope you begin shopping for the best jiu jitsu rash guards that will support you along your martial arts journey. Feel free to share this article with others and leave a comment below.

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