How Your Support Efficiently Contributes To Plastic Clean-Up

    We all know that Plastic is a major issue in the world. Plastic bottles and bags are everywhere, and we can't seem to keep up with how fast it's accumulating. Plastic is piling up on our beaches, floating around in out oceans, and even getting washed into our rivers and lakes! But what if I told you that there was something you could do about this? Plastic clean-up starts with your support of Regenerative Brands products.

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    As a Regenerative Brand, Submission Shark strives to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. Which is why we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our plastic footprint. Submission Shark was recently featured in Handprint.Tech's article highlighting our initiative to implement a plastic clean-up contribution service at no extra costs to you. Along with Seven Clean Seas, we are working towards clean beaches, oceans and rivers!

    BJJ Practitioners Know Efficiency and Proper Technique Is Important. This is a philosophy that the jiu-jitsu community can share with our plastic clean-up partners. We need to be efficient with our movements and resources to make the most impact.

    Cleaning up plastic as a regenerative BJJ brand (Eco-Friendly)

    Together, we can all help clean up our environment and preserve it for future generations!

    How Our Collaboration and Partnerships Makes Us Different

    Handprint.Tech is the leading technology company when it comes to implementing a secure and transparent method of seamlessly contributing to both environmentally and socially regenerative NGOs (Non-Profit Organizations).

    Their use of blockchain technology is an innovative way to help companies and individuals make a positive impact on Plastic Clean-Up. Through their partnerships with NGOs, they are able to provide an efficient way for people to donate without having to worry about the security of their information or contribution.

    "Handprint’s technology reduces the need for costly intermediaries. We do not make money on the impact purchases you make. That’s why we have one of the best dollar-to-impact rates in the world, being on average 68% cheaper than our competitors." ~ Handprint.Tech

    Interview with Simon (Co-Founder of Handprint.Tech)

    You can read the full interview with Simon Schillebeeckx here. We go into more details about the problems of plastic pollution and how our partnership empowers the BJJ community to participate effortlessly in plastic clean-up projects at no extra costs per purchase as Submission Shark is happily paying for the contributions as a thank-you for your support.


    We often get this question so we wrote a simple blog post about it!

    How we assess and monitor real world impact will be work in progress forever because it will always be able to be improved. We started with a lot of experience in forestry and are working with partners to estimate carbon sequestration using advanced machine learning and remote sensing.

    For other projects, like ocean clean up, our partners have governmental certifications about how much plastic they remove from the ocean on a weekly basis.

    In terms of reporting, our visualization tools enable real world, real time impact reporting - which is a massive step forward in how NGOs and companies typically communicate their impact.

    What is essential to us is to give access to high quality impact generation and a lot of that inevitably comes down to working with high quality partners in the field.

    Also, we know that incumbent monitoring certifications can syphon off up to 80% of the money dedicated to impact and we wanted to built a much more efficient system.

    Hence, we are offering low cost monitoring solutions to increase access to funding and, for companies that expect higher degrees of certainty, we layer additional services like third party audits on top of our current services so additional costs can be born in a transparent way by our clients.


    Submission Shark Blockchain Technology for NGO plastic clean-up with Handprint.Tech

    The use of blockchain technology enables us to create a universal proof of uniqueness, and cashflow transparency. It enables every impact partner and client the ability to see who has contributed and the amount of impact. This is important to solve the double-selling problem.

    In many cases, it is almost impossible to guarantee that the impact partner doesn't sell the same tree or kg of plastic to a different person. There are of course reputation risks involved and moral hazard is always a potential problem in this space.

    By creating a publicly auditable impact registry, we are working to significantly reduce this risk and build trust to continuously enhance the total social value of what we do.


    Handprint Best Dollar To Impact Ratio

    We do this by not making a profit on impact: as a social enterprise, we are committed to bypassing intermediaries who eat up to 80% of sponsorship funds flowing to impact projects.

    Therefore, 95% of every sponsorship dollar goes directly to communities on the field, allowing us to have one of the best dollar-to-impact rates in the world, being on average 68% cheaper than our competitors.

    That 5% that we currently charge needs to be compared to the 20-30% NGOs typically spend on fundraising. We also do invoicing, transaction aggregation, and marketing for our impact partners and clients, so it's a great deal.

    Even if we would double or triple the percentage we keep, our Impact partners would still be better off than if they raise money via other avenues. You can read more about it over here on our website.

    Handprint.Tech and Submission Shark BJJ Brand collaboration Plastic clean-up

    Handprint.Tech has teamed up with Submission Shark BJJ Brand to help contribute and support the much needed clean-up of our planet. We are proud to be a part of this regenerative brand that is doing their part to make an impact!

    We will be working together to clean up the ocean and coastline through various beach clean-ups, with a goal to remove as much plastic as possible. We will also be raising awareness about the issue of Plastic Pollution and how each one of us can make a difference!

    Please join us in our efforts to help keep our planet clean and healthy! For more information or to join a beach clean-up, please visit our website or social media pages!

    ~ Plastic Clean Up

    ~ Regenerative Brand

    ~ BJJ Community collaboration

    ~ Handprint.Tech, Seven Clean Seas and Submission Shark BJJ Brand Plastic clean up efforts together to help remove plastic from the ocean and coastline.

    ~ Raising awareness about Plastic Pollution how each one of us can make a difference!

    What Does This Mean For You?

    When you purchase a Submission Shark product, you are not only getting a high quality, sustainable and stylish piece of BJJ gear, but you are also contributing to Plastic Clean-Up. We have partnered with Seven Clean Seas and Handprint.Tech to make this easy for you!

    Every time you purchase and place an order with Submission Shark, we will remove 1kg of plastic (Equivalent to 100 water bottles) from the oceans by intercepting it from rivers in Bintan, Indonesia with the help of Seven Clean Seas. This applies to all items in the store including our newest line of eco-friendly rash guards and BJJ spats!

    Appreciation For You From Seven Clean Seas:

    This excerpt is from an interview that had with Seven Clean Seas (Our NGO partner) in December 2021. Please view the entire interview here for more insights from this incredible organization.

    Do you think the support you’re getting from Handprint customers helped with your organization’s mission? How has the contribution that you received helped on the organizational level, community level, and individual level?

    Tom: It’s fundamental, essentially. Everything we do, we’re always trying to be ambitious and we’re always trying to grow the project and increase the amount of plastic we can pull out on an annual basis.

    You can only really do that when you get regular support from people. We can spend a bit of money here, we can spend a bit money there or hire a few more people. The nature of how Handprint works is just great for that. As partners, I see it as we grow, Handprint grows as well.

    Scs Team

    What’s next for Seven Clean Seas? Do you have any upcoming projects or initiatives for 2022?

    Tom: 2022 is our most exciting year yet by a long way. We’re launching a river cleanup technology in a river in Thailand. Potentially in Vietnam as well. It’s a high-volume, low-cost river cleanup technology for medium to large rivers.

    If you look at the scientific studies, they say that most of the plastic that goes to the oceans actually originate from the rivers. That’s kind of the mode of transport so if we want to clean the oceans, the best place to start is on the rivers.

    Don't Lose Out On Your Opportunity To Contribute

    Follow the real-time contribution impact calculator here along with more information about both of our plastic clean-up partners (Seven Clean Seas and Handprint.Tech).

    Plastic Removal Chart from the BJJ Community

    More and more martial artists like you are ordering with regeneration in mind, and Submission Shark provides a service for you to both receive high-quality BJJ gear without losing out on an opportunity to make a positive difference for both the local communities in Bintan, Indonesia and also the planet we all share.

    Efficient Technology + 0% Intermediary Costs + Your Support = Even A Small Order Will Make A Big Difference.

    We cannot do this alone, we need your help! Please join us in our Plastic Clean-Up initiatives, and together let's make a difference.

    Cleaning plastic together with Submission Shark BJJ Brand

    Together we can all clean up the world's plastic problem one product at a time! Thank you for your continued support of Regenerative Brands. Plastic clean-up starts with you!

    Please share this article and follow us on social media: @submission.shark


    Plastic is a major issue in the world. Plastic bottles and bags are everywhere, and we can't seem to keep up with how fast it's accumulating. Plastic is piling up on our beaches, floating around in our oceans, and even filling our landfills. It's heartbreaking to think about how much plastic has already polluted our planet, let alone the amount that is still being produced every day.

    Learn more about the problems of plastic in this article here.

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