Psychology Major Reveals a Simple and Effective Way of Attracting Women

Attracting a person of interest is something many people seem to struggle with even with the newest dating apps. Many people argue that personality is the most important aspect of attraction, however it's the look and vibe you give off that first catches the attention of others. So what kind of vibe do you give off? Are you showing others that you are calm, cool, and collective? or maybe perhaps you like dressing wild and showing your colorful side. How about a classier more formal look? What ever outfit you are thinking about may actually be the wrong decision. Which ever style you prefer this type of clothing can match with its wide variety of designs. Here is a case example and a real story told by John Danaher, a MMA Coach/innovator and psychology major. 


Now it’s time for a rash guard story that may change the minds of some of the vast numbers of rash guard doubters out there...I am an admirer of the great MMA fighter Jose Aldo - any time he fights, I’m watching. The night he fought Uriah Faber, I wanted to see it. I don’t own a television, so I suggested to a bunch of my students that we go to a sports bar on the upper east side of Manhattan and watch it live and watch the great man at work. As always, I was running a little late and came in wearing my usual attire and began looking around for our table. Now my students and I actively seek out every opportunity to prank/ridicule/make fun of each other, my general weirdness gives them lots of raw material to work with! The entire group of them had dressed in rash guards. As I sat down there was a noticeable look from pretty much the entire bar as they all simultaneously asked the question, “who the f**k are these dorks and why are they dressed in those gimp outfits?”


We all started laughing and started to watch the show. Out of nowhere groups of women started coming up to our table and asking who we were and why were we dressed like that? Were we a sports team? Cyclists? Triathletes? Lunatics? Morons? Suddenly our table was neck deep in curious babes and hotties and the Jose Aldo fight was completely forgotten. Every single one of my students got multiple phone numbers and action out of that escapade! (I was the only failure ) The dudes at the bar were furious and could not understand how a bunch of dorks in wet suits who looked like they had beamed down from the deck of the starship Enterprise had gotten all the female attention. So, who knows...maybe you doubters ought to give it a rash guard system worked as well for my students as my leg lock system...perhaps it can work for you too! 


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