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Submission Shark’s premium martial arts products and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fight wear are accompanied by grade-A service. We are appreciative of your support and will express respect for each individual’s needs and desires. Through a dedicated team of customer support representatives, we are always ready to reply to any questions or concerns promptly ensuring guaranteed satisfaction.

Whether you are looking for size chart recommendations, sponsorship programs or return options, Submission Shark is here to help. Being a community-driven martial arts brand, we are always interested in hearing feedback from you to help us improve and continue to create a growth of excellence.

Quality is our mission and we will strive to accomplish this goal in all aspects of the brand. We adhere to this promise and will treat each inquiry and person as a first-class priority. 

Explore our first-class services by contacting us below and shop Submission Shark to join the premium experience.

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