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Imagine how amazing you would look in our new detailed zodiac art. Instantly represent your sign in this one of a kind Gemini design. These are in Limited Supply so get them while supplies last!



Dry-FIT fabric wicks sweat away from your skin's surface to help keep you dry and comfortable throughout your day.


Strong mesh panels provide targeted ventilation to help keep you cool and comfortable when your workout heats up. An advanced waistband creates a buffer between the fabric and your skin for improved airflow and cooling.


A durable elastic waistband holds the tights in place while four-way stretch fabric and flat seams allow you to move freely in any direction.



  • Quick Dry (Polyester) 
  • Highest Quality Printing (Sublimation)
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  • Smooth Touch
  • Never Peels Off or Fades
  • Triple Reinforced Stitching


Size Chart

Size (Inches)

Waist (Relaxed)

1/2 Waist (Relaxed)

1/2 Waist (Stretched)

Shorts Length

30 15 17 18

32 16 18 18.5

34 17 19 19.5


36 18 20 20.5


38 19 21 22


Size: XL

Extra Large fits great for me. It's comfortable looks great. Thanks for the great customer support too.

Size: XL
Getting this in my mail made my day today. Thanks guys!

Came just in time for my tournament. It looks great and has a smooth feel too it. The art seems like it's a part of the shorts other than jsut printed on.


May 21 – Jun 21

The Gemini symbol is that of a pair of twins. This is because this sign rarely likes to do anything alone. Gemini are never happier than when they are sharing ideas and concepts with someone else. Communication is a key element for this sign, so many of this sign go into occupations that include some communication in some large capacity. Curiosity is a key characteristic of this sign, and they are people persons. Gemini are great at parties because they can find almost anything to talk about with anyone. Gemini are adventurous by nature and so engage in traveling as often as they can as it affords them the opportunity to meet new people, experience new ideas, and to learn new concepts.

Gemini are air signs, which means that they have light, airy personalities, with an effervescence that seems to draw people to them. This sign craves intellectual stimulation and often will push the envelope physically, mentally, and spiritually. If someone were to live out the book, Eat, Pray, Love it would be this sign as they are gluttons for new experiences, sometimes out of the box and out of the way experiences and people. This sign is also incredibly creative and are given to giant leaps of intuition, which makes them great entrepreneurs, designers, writers, speakers, and anything artistic. They love bright vibrant colors.

Gemini are great conversationalists, and are charming people. Interesting to speak with, Gemini know a little bit about a lot of things. They have a great sense of humor and are generally optimistic people. Gemini often make their own fun, despising boredom.




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