Where Are We Located?

Our team is composed of talented designers, hard-working manufacturers, kind customer service reps, logistics experts, Informed writers, skilled producers and passionate leaders. With high-quality connections all over the world, we are able to produce amazing looking designs with the highest quality materials.

Submission Shark's fulfillment warehouses are located in different countries to ensure a faster delivery for international customers. Learn more about our delivery options/speeds at the check out page.

North American Locations:

Arctic Ocean

Canadian warehouse/fulfillment facilities are located in: Ontario, Canada.

California Beach 

American warehouse/fulfillment facilities are located in: North Carolina, United States.

Tulum Mayan Ruin Beach In Mexico

Mexican warehouse/fulfillment facilities are located in: Tijuana, Mexico

Europe Locations:

Latvia Baltic Sea

European warehouse/fulfillment facilities are located in: Riga, Latvia


Coming Soon: Barcelona, Spain

Where does our art come from?

Our art comes from the heart. It's a mutual collaboration between our passions to create something beautiful and enjoyable by you. We never limit any of our artists to create what they wish to desire and won't pressure anyone to create something they are uncomfortable with. We work with multiple creatives/artists from all over the world but our main artists are located in Ontario, Canada and somewhere in Indonesia. We are also open to collaborating with other artists, contact us for more information. 

Why did we decide to collaborate with partners and facilities all over the world?


Submission Shark decided to collaborate with multiple partners and facilities all over the world for multiple reasons: 

  1.  We believe there is talent and skilled workers all over the world and each culture brings a unique value to what we have to offer.
  2. Martial arts and Jiu-Jitsu has spread all over the world and it's been a part of many cultures for ages. Fashion and looking amazing has become a staple for many ages in all cultures as well so it only made sense to allow everyone to experience the art and apparel of Submission Shark. 
  3. Faster delivery times. Having warehouses/facilities all around the world creates a faster delivery time and a better service to our dedicated customers.
  4. Creates jobs in multiple locations and helps support a global economy through a mutual cultural collaboration. Submission Shark's ability to create collaborations with all these countries and cultures is a small scale example of how through passion and art, we can all create a better understanding of each other and work together to produce something that everyone can enjoy, creative art, showcased on premium quality apparel and accessories.

Submission Shark wouldn't exist without you. Our messages and inspiration lives on in each practitioner and supporter of this brand. Whether you participated in an interview through our community section, bought our products, shared our content or followed what we have to offer, you have been a part of Submission Shark. It's difficult to pinpoint our exact location because it truly is a worldwide collaboration.