Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli with Brussels Sprouts and Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe

A delicious and healthy vegan-friendly meal packed with vitamins and minerals. Learn more about the health benefits of these foods in our Nutrition section of the website. This simple and fast cooking method is easy to learn and makes for a satisfying meal. View the recipe below!


-Sweet Potatoes


-Brussels Sprouts

-Shiitake Mushrooms

-Organic Grass Fed Butter


-Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt


Cooking Method:

We will be using the double boiler method for the sweet potatoes and broccoli. For the Brussels Sprouts and shiitake mushrooms, we will be using a hot pan.

For those that don't know what the double boiler method is, you bring a pot to a boil then place a strainer on top. The food will then sit in the strainer allowing for the steam from the boiling water to cook the food giving it a nice constancy without burning.


1. Wash all the vegetables

2. Cut the ends off the sweet potato

3. Cut the sweet potatoes into smaller pieces 

4. Place the sweet potato into the double boiler and cover it with a glass lid to allow for even cooking

5. Cut the ends off the shiitake mushrooms and cut the ends off the Brussels Sprouts. 

6. Cut the Brussels Sprouts in half and cut the mushrooms into thin slices

7. Get a hot pan and add butter (Medium heat)

8. Place the Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms into the hot pan

9. Remove the lid from the sweet potatoes and place it on top of the hot pan

10. Cut your broccoli and turmeric into smaller pieces and add it to the double boiler

11. Add butter on to the double boiler/strainer

12. Place the lid back on the double boiler 

13. Mix up the Brussels Sprouts and Shiitake Mushrooms to prevent burning

14. Once the mushrooms are a brown color and the Brussels Sprouts are bright green, it is finished

15. Check your sweet potatoes and broccoli, once it has a mashed texture, it is finished 

16. Add Salt and Pepper if you wish to do so

17. Enjoy! :)

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