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Sweet potatoes are vitamin A packed starchy vegetables. Packed with many nutrients it is considered a super food. No other food in the world contains as much vitamin A as sweet potatoes. As a healthier alternative to white potatoes, it should be eaten more regularly. Consume more sweet potatoes today to dramatically improve your health. The population in Okinawa Japan is known for having the longest lifespans and purple sweet potatoes are a staple in their diets.


Improve your skin health 

with regular consumption of sweet potatoes. The high levels of beta-carotene are responsible for this effect. Beta-carotene converts Vitamin A that triggers production of new skin cells. It can also reverse free radical damage which is known to cause wrinkles.


Weight loss 

can be reached with eating sweet potatoes. They are low in calories and low on the glycemic index meaning they won’t spike you blood sugar levels. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and potassium which have been shown to aid in weight loss. Being a slow digesting carbohydrate, sweet potatoes will help you avoid food cravings allowing you to limit your calorie intake.


Fighting cancer 

is a convincing reason to incorporate more sweet potatoes into your diet. Researchers administered sweet potato root protein in mice xenografted with human colorectal cancer cells, and found that tumors shrank by 57 percent in just 9 days of treatment.


Improving eye health 

is contributed by the high amounts of beta-carotene. High antioxidant levels from vitamins C and E are beneficial to the eyes and may prevent degenerative eye damage. Vitamin A deficiency is also known to cause damage in the eyes and regular consumption of sweet potatoes will help you avoid this nutrient deficiency.  

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