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Sprouts are uncommon and underutilized in most western cultures. There are many different kinds of sprouts but they all share the intense health benefits from the enzymes in them. Every plant based food starts off as a sprout so there is really a wide range of different kinds to choose from. Although sprouts are younger versions of the fully grown vegetable, they are more nutrient dense and easily digestible. Sprouts make a great addition to any salad and can easily be eaten as a side dish with any meal.


Increasing digestive health 

is one of the main health benefits of sprouts. Proteolytic enzymes help the body digest carbohydrates and proteins. When you don’t eat enzymes with your food your body is forced to produce its own. Overtime your body gets tired and eventually disease forms because the body was meant to be making other enzymes instead of digestive ones that can easily be obtained from food sources. Support your body and allow it work smoother with a regular consumption of enzyme rich sprouts that will aid in digestion and in turn will allow you to absorb more nutrients from other foods.


Fighting cancer 

is another benefit of sprouts. Sulphoraphane is a compound found in broccoli and their spouts have more than their fully grown versions. Researchers have found sulforaphane inhibits breast CSCs and down-regulates the self-renewal pathway, which supports the use of sulforaphane for the chemoprevention of breast cancer stem cells. They also found that there was a 57 percent decrease of bladder cancer in men with just 4 servings of raw broccoli per month.  


Improve the quality of protein 

in beans, nuts, and seeds with sprouts. Proteins change during the soaking and sprouting process, improving its nutritional value. Protein can be hard for some people to digest so adding enzymes to protein rich meals can greatly benefit your overall health.


Aiding in menstruation symptoms 

with its high levels of vitamin K and phytoestrogens, sprouts can help women because Vitamin K is a blood-clotting vitamin, so it can help with excessive bleeding. PMS symptoms can also be minimized by a combination of vitamin K and phytoestrogens.


Anti-aging effects 

of sprouts makes them a healthy super food. They contain plenty of antioxidants and phytonutrients designed to ward off aging. Inflammation is also a driving factor of aging and sprouts does a great job and keeping inflammation at bay. Vitamin K deficiency is also known to cause age related diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, and artery clogging.



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