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Kiwis are juicy and delicious packed with essential vitamins and minerals. They are very nutrient dense and can easily be added to any diet. Fruits are regarded as one of the healthiest sources of natural sugar and disease fighting phytonutrients. Kiwis are small but the nutrient potential inside of them are huge. Enhance your health today with some mouth-watering kiwi.


Good source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E 

Free radical damage is the key too many diseases and antioxidants directly fight this process off. Vitamin C is also crucial for our immune system and the abundance of it in kiwis makes them a great natural infection fighter.   The Department of Chemical Toxicology, Division of Environmental Medicine at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health found that when kiwifruit was supplemented to a normal diet it showed that with just one to two golden kiwifruit a day, a marked decrease in internal oxidative damage occurred.


Improving skin quality 

Collagen helps to maintain hair, muscle and skin health but it breaks down as we age. Vitamin C can help support collagen allowing it to do its job better. Research published in the Journal of Cellular Physiology found that the polysaccharides in kiwifruit are able to double collagen synthesis in the body, compared to normal conditions when this activity reduces as we age. Lutein is also helpful for the skin and kiwis have a wealth of this nutrient as well.


Kiwis are also great for your eyes

Lutein can also prevent macular degeneration as we age.  It can also protect the eyes by filtering out damaging short-wavelength UV light. Kiwifruit has 171 milligrams of lutein in one large fruit, which is higher than almost any other fruit. They also contain Vitamin A, which is well known to be great for the eyes.


Improving the cardiovascular system 

Just one kiwi per day can help lower blood pressure and improve blood clotting. A decreased risk of stroke is also shown with just eating one kiwi a day. The potassium in the fruit is likely to be the reason for this effect. It counteracts the harmful effects of too much sodium and allows the blood vessels to relax. Vitamin K prevents calcium build up in the artery walls and Kiwis are known to have a good amount of this vitamin. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume kiwifruit have 15 percent lowered triglyceride levels compared to those who do not.


Strong bones 

is something kiwis can help support. known to help calcium make strong bones. A deficiency of this vitamin could result in weak bones allowing for more frequent fractures and broken bones. Osteoporosis can also be prevented with a regular consumption of this super fruit.


Aiding in sleep 

This is especially interesting considering most fruits contain natural sugars providing a quick burst of energy. Kiwis contain serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that aids in sleep. The serotonin in kiwifruit has been shown to increase sleep time and sleep efficiency by 13 percent and 5 percent. Serotonin may also be beneficial for those suffering from depression.


Kiwis are anti-cancer 

Cancer is a serious problem and kiwis contain important antioxidants that combat the main driving force of cancer, free radical damage. As an anti-inflammtory, kiwis are also great at combating that process of cancer as well. Both the fruit and roots of kiwi have proven inhibitory effects on human liver, lung and colon cancer cell growth. The polysaccharide content and the abundance of antioxidants found in kiwi nutrition may also enhance its cancer fighting abilities. Studies in mice have shown antitumor and reduction of cancer cells from polysaccharide molecules.



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