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The health benefits of buffalo meat can improve your overall health. It is considered by many to be healthier than even grass fed beef. Buffalo meat is packed with protein and other essential minerals. It has less calories and fat then grass fed beef.  Many people believe it tastes better than other animal protein sources. Enjoying a piece of grass fed buffalo meat may increase your health and add delicious flavors to your dishes.


Bison is high in B vitamins

They help with the conversion of nutrients from the food you eat into useable energy for the body. If you are trying to cut down on red meat but still want to enjoy the benefits of B vitamins, than buffalo meat may be the answer for you because of its density of these vitamins.  B vitamins support multiple metabolic functions and overall cognitive health. Helping your cells deal with stress is another benefit of B vitamins.


Lowering inflammation 

is another great health benefit of buffalo meat. Inflammation is a driving factor of many diseases, including cancer. The rich selenium content in bison meat acts like an antioxidant attacking free radicals and reversing oxidative stress. Inflammation is increased from a poor diet and the effects of free radicals from environmental toxins. This is why it’s important to limit your exposure to toxins and to eat a nutrient dense diet filled with natural anti-inflammatories.


Bison meat supports the immune system

This is because it contains a great amount of zinc, which is crucial for proper immune function. Plant based eaters can sometimes be low in this mineral so occasional consumption of this type of meat may help those reach their daily recommended amount.


Prevention of iron deficiency 

is another great attribute of bison meat. Iron can cause anemia which is the lack of red blood cells. The lack of red blood cells can be debilitating because it cause fatigue among other health problems. Animal products are the most absorbable source of iron so if you want to prevent anemia or increase your red blood cell count, adding buffalo meat to your diet may be beneficial.


Buffalo is an excellent source of lean protein

Protein is the building blocks of our muscles and helps with recovery from intense exercise. Since it’s from an animal source, it is a complete protein meaning it contains all the essential amino acids that cannot be made by the body. It also has a much lower fat content; if you’re concerned about animal fats then bison may be the type of meat you’ve been looking for. One hundred grams of lean bison meat contains about One hundred and nine calories and two grams of fat, while the same amount of beef has Two hundred and ninety one calories and twenty grams of fat. Switch over to bison meat and enjoy the rich amount of health benefits it has to offer.



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