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Blueberries are delicious and pack a powerful amount of important nutrients. Incorporating them into your diet is simple and easy. Native to North America, these amazing berries can easily be found in many conventional grocery stores. Eat them raw or use them in delicious recipes. Find out how blueberries can help optimize your life.



Free radicals and toxins are known to do damage to the body and blueberries can reverse the damage done by these pathogens. They are rich in anti-oxidants, especially proanthocyanidins which has been shown to have anti-aging properties in animal models. Inflammation is a cause of many diseases and proanthocyanidins will address this problem as well.


Boosting memory and focus 

Gallic acid is found in these berries and it has been proven to be “neuro-protective agents” meaning they protect our brains from oxidative stress, neurotoxicity, and degeneration.


Attacking cancer cells 

Clinical studies have shown that Gallic acid rich foods can kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells unlike chemotherapy or radiation. The resveratrol contained inside these berries also support the process of cancer cell death.


Supporting healthy digestion 

Filled with soluble and insoluble fiber, these berries can help move waste out of your system. They are also considered to be prebiotics allowing healthy gut bacteria to flourish inside your gastrointestinal tract.


Promoting heart health 

When eaten with strawberries they can decrease your risk of a heart attack by 33 percent. They will also lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. Have a healthy heart by having a few handfuls a day.


Beautiful skin 

The resveratrol found in these berries have been shown to protect the skin from over-sun exposure. Reducing acne is also an effect of these berries thanks to the wealth of vitamins and minerals that help manage hormone levels leading to less acne.



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