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Avocados are a creamy treat filled with healthy fats and nutrients. They are now known as a popular super food and for good reason too. This delicious fruit can be easily added to your diet to increase your daily nutrient intake. Regarded as one of the most nutrient dense foods, it should be highly considered to be added to your diet. Here are some things that avocados can do for your health.


Improved heart health

is a known benefit of this amazing fruit. It is high in monounsaturated fats which can in turn lower the chance of arteriosclerosis. It has also been shown that individuals that eat avocados on a regular basis have a 16 percent drop in total cholesterol.


Decreasing your risk for metabolic syndrome 

is something avocados can also do. Eating avocados will restore your hormonal balance. They help lower hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.


Increases skin, hair and eye health 

thanks to the high anti-oxidant content, especially lutein. They can protect against environmental toxins such as UV radiation and pollution. You can even rub the inside peel of an avocado on your skin as a natural moisturizer.


They can help prevent cancer 

with their wealth of phytochemicals. Some research from Ohio State University suggests that phytochemicals from avocados help induce cell cycle arrest, inhibit growth, and induce apoptosis in precancerous and cancer cell lines. The healthy fats in avocados can also lower inflammation allowing a slower progression and prevention of cancer.


Increasing your digestive health 

is another benefit from avocados thanks to their abundance of fiber. Since they are a high fat fruit, they can help heal the lining of the gut and have been shown to help with irritable bowel syndrome. The fiber will also help pull waste and toxins from your digestive tract essentially cleaning out your system every time you eat it.


Protection from insulin resistance and diabetes

is another great benefit of this fruit. Studies have shown that diets rich in healthy fats can decrease blood sugar levels for hours. If you want to control blood sugar levels a high fat diet instead of a carbohydrate rich one may be a better option for you.


Improved cognitive functions 

have also been reported from eating avocados. This is because fatty acids play an important role in nervous system function and cognitive functions by balancing out hormones. Studies have shown that avocados can be beneficial for anti-depression diets as well. 




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