MMA Legend John Danaher Wears Rashguards Everywhere He Goes. His Reasons Will Surprise You!

John Danaher is an innovator and one of the most underrated coaches in the world of MMA and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. His Genius mind is partly responsible for the creation and huge success of his team, the " Danaher Death Squad ". His knowledge and wisdom have gained the respect of his peers and longtime celebrity Joe Rogan, appearing on his podcast and sharing insightful information on the art of Jiu-Jitsu.

As a BJJ mastermind, it shouldn't be strange seeing him in the classic no-gi attire, a rash guard. However, his reasons are shocking, practical, and newsworthy. For those of you that don't know what a rash guard is, they are a compression style fitness attire usually made out of a blend of polyester, lycra, and spandex. Spats are the same material and style except they are for your lower body. 

John Danaher is not sponsored by Submission Shark. These are just his thoughts on the matter.

When asked why he wears rash guards all the time he responded: 

1. "They are comfortable" 

Even if you aren't the biggest fan of compression, learn to give it a try. It is more comfortable than you'd expect and it acts as more than just fitness attire. The fabric is unique and it stretches to match any body type, create a personalized feel. Like a liquid forming itself to match the container, the rash guard forms itself to the user. 

2. "Easily Washable and Quickly Dried"

Have you ever ran out of clean clothes and scrambled to come together with an outfit? Well with a closet full of rash guards, you'd never have to worry about that. Even if a rash guard was dirty it is simple to wash and dries quickly due to its moisture wicking effects. Even if you weren't an athlete, having these around could be a real game changer.

3. "They are extremely Low Maintenance"

Rash guards are specifically designed to be lightweight, allowing users to perform at their full potential. This function is not only great for just the mats, however. This makes traveling and packing go from a chore to a pleasant and easy experience. It's simple and does not require a lot of planning when choosing your outfit, saving you time and effort. 

4. "Low Friction"  

Finding the right clothing to wear under a jacket is a challenge and an inconvenience.  Some high friction material becomes very uncomfortable when worn under other high friction materials from a jacket. Wouldn't it be nice to have something smooth and comfortable underneath to avoid this problem? Well with rash guards you wouldn't have to deal with this problem again. Wearing multiple layers is a tactic used by many to avoid frostbite and seasonal sickness. The compression design fits comfortably around your body allowing for a practical use of multiple layers instead of wearing baggy clothing on top of baggy clothing. 

5. "They enable me to comfortably demonstrate a technique in impromptu social situations to students"

Submission Shark John Danaher Asim "Oil Money" Zaidi Compression Wear

Okay so maybe you aren't going to be asked how to do mind-bending techniques on a regular basis as John Danaher does, but if he feels like that is the best attire to teach in, maybe there is something to it. Have you ever wanted to do a physical activity but your outfit limits it? How many times have you ripped clothing or simple sat out when an opportunity to be active occurs. Having a rash guard on will never limit you from spontaneously moving and living an active lifestyle. Being healthy is also associated with an active lifestyle and other clothing limits this natural ability. 

6. "They are warm in cold weather, yet cooling in hot summers due to wicking effects"

Imagine if there was an article of clothing that is practical for any temperature and season. With a set of rash guards, you will not only have fitness apparel but clothing for every month of the year. Stay warm or stay cool, either way, it's a great reason to wear rash guards. But what if there's a rainstorm, there's no way it can protect against that as well? However, to my surprise, it does due to its water wicking effects it dries very fast. John Danaher explains, "If caught in a rainstorm, they will dry in minutes even while being worn." 

7. "There is considerable variation in rashguard design that can vary from informal daily wear to more formal wear for dates and occasions"

That's right. Rash guards aren't just for sports anymore they are comfortable and works well for a daily casual outfit. Surprisingly there is also formal rashguards available and SubmissionShark has got you covered for both situations. Looking good and being multi-functional is rare and should be appreciated more. 

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if a genius like John Danaher thinks this way maybe you should too. Get a head start on the most practical and comfortable trend today!

"When it comes to comfort and utility and low maintenance, I have never seen an attire that can beat track pants, sneakers, rash guard and fanny pack. If I find something more comfortable in the future, I will switch to that. " - John Danaher 

This new trend makes sense. Look great and feel great with a fully functional multipurpose rashguard today. 

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Submission Shark:

Attracting a person of interest is something many people seem to struggle with even with the newest dating apps. Many people argue that personality is the most important aspect of attraction, however, it's the look and vibe you give off that first catches the attention of others. So what kind of vibe do you give off? Are you showing others that you are calm, cool, and collective? or maybe perhaps you like dressing wild and showing your colorful side. How about a classier more formal look? Whatever outfit you are thinking about may actually be the wrong decision. Whichever style you prefer this type of clothing can match with its wide variety of designs. Check out this true story told by John Danaher, an MMA Coach/innovator and psychology major. 

John Danaher: 

Now it’s time for a rash guard story that may change the minds of some of the vast numbers of rash guard doubters out there...I am an admirer of the great MMA fighter Jose Aldo - any time he fights, I’m watching. The night he fought Uriah Faber, I wanted to see it. I don’t own a television, so I suggested to a bunch of my students that we go to a sports bar on the upper east side of Manhattan and watch it live and watch the great man at work.

As always, I was running a little late and came in wearing my usual attire and began looking around for our table. Now my students and I actively seek out every opportunity to prank/ridicule/make fun of each other, my general weirdness gives them lots of raw material to work with! The entire group of them had dressed in rash guards. As I sat down there was a noticeable look from pretty much the entire bar as they all simultaneously asked the question, “who the f**k are these dorks and why are they dressed in those gimp outfits?”

We all started laughing and started to watch the show. Out of nowhere groups of women started coming up to our table and asking who we were and why were we dressed like that? Were we a sports team? Cyclists? Triathletes? Lunatics? Morons? Suddenly our table was neck deep in curious babes and hotties and the Jose Aldo fight was completely forgotten.

Bar Girls John Danaher Story

Every single one of my students got multiple phone numbers and action out of that escapade! (I was the only failure ) The dudes at the bar were furious and could not understand how a bunch of dorks in wetsuits who looked like they had beamed down from the deck of the starship Enterprise had gotten all the female attention. So, who knows...maybe you doubters ought to give it a rash guard system worked as well for my students as my leg lock system...perhaps it can work for you too! 

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