Michael Bisping Wants to Fight Nick Diaz In a Classic MMA War

Nick Diaz has not fought since January of 2015 and fans are excited for his triumphant return. Who else would be better to welcome him back than the former middleweight champion, Michael Bisping. The UK legend expressed his interest in the fight on twitter.


The Stockton native, Nick Diaz had recently been unsuspended for a USADA violation for the use of cannabis. Most fans felt that a 5 year sentence for the use of that substance was unfair and unjust and many fighters and fans alike rallied on twitter and started petitions to free Nick from the suspension.

 Free Nick Diaz

Free Nick Diaz Tweet


Nick has been quiet since his release from the suspension but that’s no surprise. The pre-media would be interesting between these two characters but the real fun would be when they get locked in a cage together. Many fans have expressed interest in this fight as well. Styles make fights and they both have a great style for an all-out war.


Whether you’re a Diaz fan or a Bisping fan, we all win if this fight takes place. I think if it goes to the ground Diaz will have an advantage but I don’t see the fight going there. I see this being a stand up war. I can also see Bisping picking apart Diaz with leg kicks for the early round but one or two “Stockton Slaps” will deter him from the game plan and make it a boxing match where Diaz will have the slight upper hand. Bisping is no slouch with the hands though as he did manage to knockout a taller lengthy opponent in Luke Rockhold. Both these guys are up there in the most significant strikes landed and they are both the last of a dying breed of warriors.

 File:Nick Diaz 2009.jpg

There’s no doubt that Bisping brought attention to UK MMA and there’s no doubt that Nick Diaz’s bad boy attitude gained the attention of many fans all around the world. These two legends deserve a money fight and a fight that makes sense.


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