7 Strategies For Controlling Stress

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Stress control is crucial for overall health. Life can be challenging and difficult causing panic, anxiety, and depression. With so many stressors in today’s world adding stress relieving techniques will greatly benefits your quality of life. When these techniques are applied properly you’ll notice a dramatic change in many aspects of your life.

These techniques are also quick and inexpensive so there is no excuse to not try them as soon as you get stressed. Sometimes stress creeps up on people so you should apply these techniques on a regular basis to prevent built up stress.

Meditation is a simple and effective way to manage your stress. When raising children a common form of treatment of a stressed out child is a time out. Disconnecting from everything for a few minutes will give you a better perspective of life and all the problems within it. Meditation may actually be able to change neuropathways causing you to be more resilient to stress over time. Take deep breathes and say positive mantras to yourself such as “I’m already healed” or “I love everything including myself”. This trains the mind to believe these mantras.

Certain foods have natural compounds that relieve stress. A healthy diet is a staple for all healthy lifestyles and has a direct impact on your stress levels. Replace stress causing junk foods with healthier alternatives such as green leafy vegetables, fermented foods, pistachios, wild caught Alaskan salmon, and dark chocolate. Check out the nutrition guide to get a better understanding of how food impacts us in so many ways.

Focus on the present, meaning don’t be afraid of the future and don’t hold on to past issues. Worrying is a huge cause of stress so addressing this and solving it will dramatically decrease your stress levels. Hanging on to past mistakes will also cause you to be stressed and depressed, try and move on and find peace with it especially since you cannot change the past.

Reaching out and talking to someone is also a great way to get stress out. Expressing yourself and getting other people’s perspective is an effective way of relieving your stress. Connecting with others will also get rid of loneliness which is a huge cause of stress. Humans are tribal creatures so it’s only natural to interact and talk to others even about personal problems. Laughing with friends, family or even yourself is also a great way to get the edge off and to remind yourself that stress is a lot more bothersome then a good laugh.

A hot bath can be a great way to deal with stress. Adding Epsom salt will also help to relax your muscles. Calming music and aromatherapy can also be applied at this time. Expression helps get out stress so if singing along to your favourite songs is something you enjoy doing, then that could be helpful.

Movement is so crucial to many aspects of health, including stress management. Movement of all kinds can force the brain to release dopamine and serotonin which helps to relieve anxiety and depression. Having a fitness goal is also helpful because for a brief moment of your day all other stressors are put aside and you can focus on becoming who you want to be.

Be grateful for what you already have so you won’t stress out about the things you don’t. In today’s society materialism is pushed on us, it’s meant to seem as if you are not important if you do not have the latest and greatest things. This is untrue and the sooner you realize that a never ending desire for meaningless objects will only lead to a constant struggle to try to obtain these things, the quicker you'll be able remove your stress. 

Stress is a daily occurrence for most people. Now that you know how to reduce your stress all you have to do is apply it. Everything is connected, so once you live a healthier overall lifestyle the amount of stress you'll experience will go down. The ability to live a long, happy and stress free life is in your hands.

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