This Is One of The Most Underrated Aspects of Athletic Performance!

Balance has been a way of describing what a healthy lifestyle looks like for centuries. Many ancient cultures believed that a balance in life is needed in order to achieve harmony and peace. To this day we still refer to this ancient tactic by saying "everything in moderation." Balance is needed in many aspects of life including spiritual, relationship, business, and personal connections. However, today we are going to focus on physical balance. Being able to stay in a proper stance is ideal for many sports allowing for a lower risk of injury and increased performance. It's hard to be able to perform at your best if you do not have the right balance to utilize your techniques effectively. Improving your balance will give you an edge on competition and a reduced risk of injury from both inside competition and everyday life. 


Core strength greatly impacts your balance. Learning and executing proper core exercises will greatly improve your balance. The core includes your abdominal, lower back, and oblique muscles. Kettlebell exercises are also very helpful in developing functional core strength. 


Yoga is a great way of developing strength in all areas of your body. Yoga poses requires a great amount of balance. Regularly practicing this ancient exercise technique will greatly improve your overall balance over time. It may seem out of your comfort zone but give it a try and you will see better balance and better flexibility as well.


For beginners, standing on one leg can be a great way to improve your balance. It is a simple and effective way of improving not only just your balance but also your foot strength. There are several muscles in the foot and lower leg than contributes directly to proper balance. So if you are experiencing poor balance, improving those muscles may help as well. Movements such as squats and lunges are great for both practicing balance and increasing leg strength. 


For increased balanced, using a balance board is effective. This training equipment will bring your performance to the next level. Just stand shoulder width apart and try to balance in the center. This type of training is great for rest days and warm ups. 


Learning Tai Chi has been health benefits including increased balance. This type of workout is great for stress management and is a great form of light exercise. It is fairly easy to learn and with a guide it can be calming yet fun at the same time. If you are looking to increase your balance, tai chi is the way to go.


Getting a good amount of high quality sleep is crucial to proper balance. Sleep deprivation has been shown to have similar effects as alcohol consumption. Researchers from the California Pacific Medical Center has proven that older women that slept less than 7 hours a night were 40 percent more likely to get into traumatic falls. 


These methods will help restore physical balance and improve your ability to stay in proper form. Everyone should be focusing on better balance for a better overall health. Athletes should greatly consider practicing these methods to gain an edge in competition. Perfecting physical balance is a great first step into an overall balanced lifestyle. 

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